Reading, Edit Transfering and Cosplay Prepping.

I really enjoyed being Yoko Kurama at Fan Fest two years ago. And that phrase we found on the sidewalk has been helping me remind myself that I will always fight for who I really am, even when there are those who cannot accept that.

Long story short, I'm in a battle of balance. I will get it the entirety of it back, even when there are those who are trying to permanently break it.

But anyways, on to happier things. Like how I'm being diligent on my gym adventures with the boyfriend for starters? Volleyball and lacrosse used to be great physical stress relievers for me and now the gym is pretty much giving me that same relief nowadays. Plus we have fun each time we go, which helps even more. Yay.

I also posted a review of my latest read, SO SHALL I REAP, and I will post it here as well tomorrow morning. I'll be heading back to the Grimgar universe and then I'll read the second novel in the Unseen series after that. I'll post more info about that saga tomorrow, so s…

Heart Job Day.

...or "Soul Job" day as the Author Mama would say. ^_^

I'm trying hard to stick to my blogging on Sundays schedule. XD Even with the daylight savings time change, I found myself strangely energized when I thought of how much work I was going to get done today! When motivation strikes, you happily run right with it.

On a side note, yes, I am a happy "Nohrian Scum", as those would say in the Fire Emblem Fates world. I'm currently playing Roy's game, along with Persona 5. I have SO MANY GAMES I NEED TO GET TO.  I also cannot fault myself for wanting to play through Fates AGAIN though; do you know how helpful the strategy bit is while I'm working on CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN? I'm in major uncharted territory concerning hierarchies and such with this world that's been with me since age 13. I like the direction this current editing session is taking though...

Ok, I'll get right down to it concerning book three's progress. Today is the day I wil…

Workin' on a schedule.

Hello all! Hope everyone's week is going well. I've been a little more productive on the reading front; I've already finished this month's YA Aces book and reviewed it. I have a TON of new books as well, including more of the Grimgar light novels. I "blame" the boyfriend; we're simply addicted to the story.

Nice thing is at least that I'm back to reading like a machine again. I missed last year's Goodreads Reading Challenge and despite my lowering it this year, I still intend to complete and surpass it.

I've returned to some gaming as well; I've gone back to Persona 5 as well as started an oldie but goodie, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. All of the Fire Emblem games that I can possibly get my hands on, I'm going to get. I love it as much as I love Legend of Zelda (and I am a HUGE Zelda nerd). Next on my list of acquisitions is Lyn's game (or Lyndis to some of you, I know there are some with the preference of calling her that). Pa…

Pleasantwick by M.L. Stoughton - My Review

My Rating: 4 stars

My Review:

Pleasantwick is a charming little story about a girl named Melinda who was living a seemingly normal high school life until a domino effect took place after her father purchased the Sotheby House. Her not-so but kind of boyfriend even had a drastic personality change the more they hung out in the area of the home. What could have happened to him? Why a bit of witchcraft, of course.

I enjoyed the bits of flashbacks we are given through the story, while following Melinda's story in the present. Luke's as well, though I do wish we had more of his view to help balance the characters a little bit more. There were also moments where Melinda's best friend, Kelly, seemed a bit too much for me, but in truth, there ARE high school girls like her so I cannot say that she isn't realistic.

I personally would have liked a bit more history of Pleasantwick too and more explanations as to why Melinda felt so connected to the place throughout the tale. I…

Back to the grind.

Hello all! How is everyone's Sunday going? I'm still on a post con depression bit, but I'm doing a lot better than when it first hit.

Even though I'm originally from the east coast, I had never been to a Comic Con or anime convention there. I always entertained the idea of cosplaying but was a closet nerd growing up. My love of video games and anime wasn't too much of a secret, but I rarely spoke of it openly to my peers (people close to me knew my high level of nerdom though). My stereotype (it's sad to admit that everyone in life had one, ugh) in high school was the quiet "White Girl" who was book smart, played volleyball, wrote vampire stories and that's about it. I AM a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, however, and I am glad to have been brave finally back in 2014 and started cosplaying. The picture here is one of my absolute favorites of me being Lucina. *_* My boyfriend made for an amazing Robin too.

That said, my overall…


Hey all! I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week! I myself have been a little busy bee, mainly with trying to get rid of this darn cough. I have no desire to be sick for Katsucon the weekend of the 15th, so I'm on major med/tea/chicken soup mode. It hasn't helped that people have been consistently sick at my retail job since the holidays, but hey, it comes with the territory. At the moment I'm currently trying to recreate my mom's chicken soup from scratch, so wish me luck!

Author news first! I'm going to go into red sharpie mode in a couple of days once I print out what I have currently done on CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN. I have the Barons of Blackwen to spruce up (and that is all I can give for now, otherwise I'd spoil it for those who haven't read the series yet!). I CAN however, give a small teaser at the end of this entry. How does that sound? ^_^

I'm also going to be donating a set of my novels to my alma mater for their "Rogue" reu…

I'm back!

Hey all! I am super sorry for the extra long hiatus - 2017 was rather crazy for me! I did some book booths, traveled to other cons out of state, fell in love, finally stepped down from a management position, and a few other goodies as well. I also changed up the blog! I thought a simple yet dark look would work considering my style of writing. ^_^

I recently bit the bullet of creating a cosplay page too! While I have no intention of partaking in contests and such, I do enjoy sharing my cosplay adventures with everyone. When I posed the question to people as well concerning it, everyone pretty much replied "JUST DO IT!" so I did! It's also fun when the boyfriend partakes in them as well. We're going to be doing a group Fire Emblem cosplay next month at Katsucon too, and I am SUPER excited for that. If you wish to follow my cosplay Facebook page, simply click here.

I believe you all have a burning question as well - have I been writing? Well, I did make a big decision…