Hello, all! Sorry for being away for a while. I've been balancing three jobs now, but two of them work beautifully enough that I can get a lot of writing work done! Yay for that!

During a little mini vacation I had, I finished the initial draft of WITCH'S HEART. I've since had one reader give me some notes and I've done my own edits (I finished the last part a couple of days ago!). Once I transfer both sets of edits, I'll let a couple of other trusted readers of mine give me some notes, do a few more edits after that, and then send it to the editor that works for this particular publishing company so that it'll be polished and Mel perfect for this anthology that'll come out in September.

I also have to write a blurb. That is my least favorite thing to do as an author. Sometimes though, I surprise myself on how decent they come out. Wish me luck here though; this short piece is a wonderful doozy. I hope you guys will enjoy it though! Short stories are actua…

Mini vacation!

Hey all! How is everyone? I'm suffering from Con withdrawals; I wish the next one wasn't so far away and I'm trying to get B and I to be able to go to one special one before this year ends. Let's see what the cosplay gods have in store for us!

Speaking of cosplay, I finally revised my list and have posted it on my Kitsune Ravenwing Cosplay page via Facebook. Go check it out and let me know what you think! While I only plan on one new one next year so that the new ones I got this year can get more love and attention (because hey, I'll never get tired of being Lucina and Acerola!), I may or may not prioritize one over the other depending on what you guys think on the list!

As for the writing, this mini vacation from retail is helping me a lot. I have made some nice progress on WITCH'S HEART and continue to be surprised on the direction this story is taking me. Plus it is nice to be able to stay up late, get much needed errands done and just simply not worry abou…

Sabaku Con and a Title!

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Me, I'm still floating off of con happenings and finally settling on a title for my anthology piece. If you know me, titles are not always something that comes to me. Sometimes it really does take until the whole draft is complete to settle on one. Time crunches, however, are not so kind so I went with my gut in the end and chose WITCH'S HEART. I think it's suiting the direction I'm going with the tale far better than the initial idea of WITCH'S RITE.

Con tales first, then back to book news. *_*

The shot of us as Spring Lucina and Robin was done by the wonderful Aldrian of SGNS Entertainment. It was a blast to have a little shoot and the pictures can be seen on my Cosplay Facebook! These cosplays were well-received on the Saturday and our Pokemon Trainer Red and Acerola cosplays were loved on Sunday too. Shout out also to the Guzma and Team Skull Grunt who found us and were completely in character! Woo!

I have been trying to go…

Ren Faire and Witches

Hello! How has everyone been? Sorry for not having a blog entry last week - it has been rather busy on my end (in a good way though!). Well, the only blah moment this past week has been my computer acting up, but otherwise yes, things are going pretty well.

I should start with the For Melissa Anthology piece first! I did start with a little chapter just to see how the characters would speak to me and I at least have some sort of premise now compared to before where I only had what the two main characters would be. Right now, I'm stuck between the two title versions as well: WITCH'S HEART and WITCH'S RITE. As the story progresses, I'll have an idea which one fits the piece better. I have a good feeling about Melissa, our half-witch, and Vic, our tricksy spirit fox. All I can say that isn't a spoiler is that a human is the key in helping Melissa and Vic getting what they each want; but it won't be as easy as they hoped. Melissa wants to be a full-fledged witch so…

New project and revelations.

The world needs a little more Acerola around.

I might be spamming her for a while until Sabaku Con happens next month. I always thought I would do a gijinka ("humanized" Pokemon) as my first Pokemon cosplay, but nope! I play Pokemon Moon/Ultra Moon (the latter is more enjoyable in my honest opinion) and then this little lady snags my interest. She's too cute and an awesome character in general. Acerola is also infamous for doing a little swish movement as she speaks and it is exactly what I do when I wear a "swishy" skirt or dress. What I also find funny is that no one knows her true age. Not even Wikipedia. One day we'll all find out the truth, won't we?

Her outfit came in the other day and I'm going to play around with that and the wig during one of these glorious three days off from retail. My "surprise" Fire Emblem cosplay for later on in the year arrived too and I have some alterations and changes to do that that. I'm still waiti…

According to plan.

Hey everyone! How's everyone doing? I've been adjusting to what will finally be a permanent part-time status at the retail job, woo! I've taken advantage of the time by sneaking in the writing, reading and even a gym grind. I know I said it last time, but I am crazy proud of keeping up the gym trips. I miss my sports days, but I think I'll be even stronger than I was then by the time my year mark going to the gym arrives.

That also means more warrior cosplays. *_* A friend called me "Lady Legasus" when I showed off the old lax and volleyball photos and I'd like to get back to that. Chun-Li IS on my list that I started a couple years ago, you know...B is all for being Ryu *sinister grin*.

This picture of me with Mimikyu was a make-up test/fun time with the wig before I go off to style it to Acerola's hairstyle. I am sad to be messing with this wig, truthfully. I might just buy another and keep it for fairy costumes for Halloween/Ren Faire out here in…

To Keep Death's Vow - My Review

My Rating: 5 Stars

My Review:

We return to the world of Tevin and Alexcia!

Alexcia’s powers are getting stronger, much to Tevin’s distaste and curiosity. As he continues to watch over her, his Ashen self also shifts more from being the cold and sarcastic Grim Reaper to almost human with the newfound feeling of emotion. Add a crazed yet fun wind evoker, Moment, to the mix and Tevin’s bond-rite to keep Alexcia safe only gets more difficult from there.

And that final scene! The bits of truth that we had been waiting for and we STILL get a bit of a cliff-hanger. I enjoyed it all. I’m excited for the next installment in the series, as well as how Tevin and Alexcia would handle a certain pair of characters.