"That kiss beneath that Hunter's Moon..."

My friend, Ashley, came over this past weekend and officially introduced Mom to Celtic Thunder (Mythology had come out). So not only did Mom enjoy seeing me smile whenever Colm came on, she also enjoyed the music in general. The best part, however, was Shadow's "performance" with Ryan Kelly singing "Hunter's Moon". He wasn't even watching it with us, but he perfectly mimicked Ryan's every move while facing us, and he was moving his mouth to the words. Mom and I played "Hunter's Moon" again the next day (Ashley lent me the CDs so I could add them to my iTunes library), and his ear immediately perked up and he did the act all over again. There's definitely a bit of a wolf in my boy, that's for sure! Mom and I are still wishing we recorded all of that.

It's a bit of old news now, but I did not make it to round 2 of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. Yes, I was VERY bummed when I first found out. What is also true that after that initial feeling, I actually laughed at the thought that came after, which was I could not do what Stephen King had explained he had done in ON WRITING: nail every rejection letter he ever recieved to the wall of his study (and they had started when he was still a kid!). I didn't even get the rejection e-mail - I only saw that my name was not in the list of round 2 contestants in my category. Even with that brief moment of sadness, I just sat myself down and looked at the printed stack of what is considered book 2...and I smiled. I knew from the beginning that I chose a hard career path...I expected rejections along the way. No one can fly with ease after taking the first leap off the cliff, of course. And I have so much support, especially from the people I least expected it to come from. Things will happen in their own time...and I'm not going to stop doing what makes me happy because a contest didn't pick my work.

And that brings me to the updates for MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN! As many of you know, I am currently editing what I have gotten down so far. If I'm feeling productive enough today, I could very well finish the last stretch of editing I have left to do. The funny part is that while I have spent most of last week editing it, I kept getting scenes for certain characters...for book 3. It's frustrating sometimes, since I still have LOTS left to do before I can even think of book 3. It goes to show that the characters in my head are both a blessing and a curse, heh. I also think that I could have been done with editing sooner, except that a book I have been waiting ages for finally came out last week. Reader/writer problems - have to love them sometimes.

And is it just me, or are bookstores becoming more depressing lately? I looked at Mom after our trip to Hastings this past weekend and seriously yelled, "Where are all the good books?!". I had to get the books I've been waiting to get on my kindle, because the bookstore didn't have them (and my patience can only hold for so long, heh). Even when I got past the damned stand filled with the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series, there hadn't been anything good lying around. Leaving a bookstore empty handed depresses me more than a break-up! Mom made me feel better by grabbing ice cream with me at least, and we hadn't done that in ages :). I love my kindle, don't get me wrong, but I'm still traditional enough that I'd like the actual book in my hands...and it would be fantastic if the book was actually in the bookstore! Everyone, read "better" books so that they can actually build up the bookstores again! There are still those of us who actually want them around! ;)


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