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The spoils.

Week one of book 3 has been a doozy. I finished the week with a total of 7,584 words, and 20 pages (yes, we're back to 1.5 spacing). I think it was harder than usual to start it because I didn't have a 3-4 month break like last time, and I didn't do as much research. Since I started again so soon, and after I had practically buried myself under a ton of research material, the evil monster of overthinking rose its annoying and ugly horned head. By the time Friday rolled around, I wrote maybe 300 words and just got frustrated. I actually walked out of my room, found Mom and told her to give me a hug and tell me to stop overthinking things. So she did, atop with giving me extra reassurances that I've always had these kind of moments and the story would still come out fine. Shadow made sure to give me some cuddling time as well. After that, I went back into my "cave", shut my eyes for a while, and just said, "Alright voices, all of you need to get in line. …

So it begins...again.

It's book day! It's book day! It's book day!!!!!! :) Yes, today is the day I start book 3. Excited, I am! The beginning is always the hard part of the process, but I know I can manage. I can already feel the relief of some of my characters, since they know that they have my full attention again (they're pushing away the Shadow Walker characters right's a war all over again). They'll forgive me. Or they'll bug me again when I research something and demand another free-write. And speaking of which, I actually let my mother read the free-write I worked on during my last research session. Needless to say, if she had any doubts of my not being able to write certain things and situations, they had been put to rest. I love it when that happens. It means I'm doing my job. I also have a much needed trip to the bookstore. I think any trip to the bookstore is important, since I can never have enough research materials. Naturally, I'll be getting some…

Happiness is...

...when you can start working on the series again. That's right ladies and gents! My reader has finished reading Mistress of Blackwen, and I was told that I definitely should be proud of it. So I'll be making a few changes here and there today, looking over the notes and whatnot. Definitely the best news ever.

There have also been some changes in the plans of visitors, which means that this gal can start writing much sooner than expected! Next Monday will be the day I start writing book 3, Champions of Arrygn. Yes, that is the true title. The original title I had for it didn't fit everything that's been swirling around in my head, and this one feels just right. I am excited.

Another reason I'm waiting to start writing next week is that I still have a few more books to finish reading, and I'd like to give them as much attention as I can before I go hiding away in my den/cave/nest and what other puns people like to use when "writer mode" occurs. One of…

"The earth has music for those who listen." - George Santayana

After my "mini" vacation last week, I can say that I am fully recharged! Spiritually, mainly. We did quite a bit of exploring while Kasia was here, and "magical" might be the understatement of the adventure.

From Thursday to Saturday, we squeezed in a ton of road-tripping. Our adventures included the Enchantment Loop, Abiquiu Lake, the Echo Amphitheater, Ghost Ranch, Taos, Madrid, the Santa Fe National Forest, and a lot of driving in the scenic routes in general. Even with some scattered rain on Thursday, we were determined to see as much as we could. Shadow enjoyed every moment of it!

This was the first time Shadow spent more than half an hour in a car, and he did really well! Mom and I kept saying how fortunate we are that Shadow is a mellow pooch, even with his random hyperactive moments. He was hyper in the beginning of the trek, mainly because Shadow absolutely LOVES to hike. When we were hiking the Winsor Trail in the Pecos Wilderness, Shadow was well-behave…