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So I dished out 10,439 words in week 3, which now has book 2 at a total of 24,508 words, 73 pages, and 7 completed chapters. Mom thinks I need to up the daily minimum word count since 1,000 words comes rather easily now. Considering the roll I've been on lately, I think I just might do that. And I also hope I didn't just jinx myself for stating that.

I might also just do a little fun project sometime and assign some songs to certain characters. After spending the week listening to Muse's "Madness" and thinking of how well it fit Artemis, I thought of how fun it would be to have a character have their own playlist when I write in their pov. The results would be interesting, for sure.

The nice thing about having such a productive week is the escape the weekend provides. Sometimes I'll write during the weekend as well, but I try to keep those days off, just to give my mind a break (even though the characters still tend to "talk" back, often times sayi…

Yup, that all happened.

First thing's first! MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN is now sitting at 14,060 words in 43 pages, and I'm starting chapter 5 later on today. I pulled out a total of 6,547 words from week 2. Yay.

Second! I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest yesterday. While Mom and I were working on the submission process, I kept wondering why the room felt so warm all of a sudden, and then Mom pointed out that my face was red, as well as my hands shaking. Needless to say, I was shaking quite a bit the rest of the night. The last time I entered in a writing contest, I was 15 years old and it was for Scholastic. I didn't win, and I can say with complete honesty that I'm glad I hadn't. If my story was published as it was then, I would be crying today. I like this version MUCH better.

So I have to wait until February 13th to hear about the "winners" moving onto round 2. Basically, they pick 400 entries out of 10,000 varying in book genres. My category is pretty big - I'm …

Everybody loves progress. Only few enjoy changes.

It's a new week, Mom's still in NY, and Shadow and I are braving the frigid weather that rolled into Santa Fe recently. Shadow loves the cold weather, but even he has his limits. He enjoyed wrapping himself in my Cena blanket yesterday :)

Book 2 has gone well in its first week of creation! I ended the week with two complete chapters, 22 pages, and a total of 7,513 words. I tend to take weekends off with the writing, but I do sometimes look over what I've completed and add some more things. I ended up with an odd twist that even I didn't see coming. That, just so you know, is a VERY good thing! When the story starts to write itself, you have to let it take its course and enjoy the ride.

I did take this weekend off though, and spent it with a friend watching movie concerts of Celtic Thunder, which was pretty epic if I do say! I think what Ashley enjoyed most was seeing me in "giddy mode", which happens whenever I see a guy I'm attracted to (I don't go…

Things in motion.

Yes, I have started book 2 yesterday (as planned)! 1,757 words is a pretty good start, even though I told Mom that I felt like I was slacking because it took me a lot longer to get that much done in a day. To my defense, I haven't "written" in nearly 3 months (I've been editing like a madwoman and then waited a while for another pair of eyes to look over the manuscript). Beginnings of a story are always the hard part.

I did have a wrench thrown into my plans, however - I caught the bug that's been going around. Depending on how well I can fight it, or how much this thing just really hates me, my daily word counts will vary more than I would like. Don't worry though, I'm drinking a few more cups of tea than usual and I've got a nice bag of clementines waiting for me to devour them. I'll keep the "workaholic" at bay too when it's nap time.

In other news, my book that is supposed to be of more help to finding agents, answering my quest…

For your pleasure.

So it's football sunday, and playoffs time. Considering my newfound love for beer (particularly Blue Moon), that'd be the logical choice to make during a sporting event. Today, however, Mom and I chose to have sangria :).

Since our sangria has been requested more times than we can count, here's a chance to make it yourself!

What you need:

12 oz frozen mango chunks
8 oz frozen berry medley
4 oz pomegranate seeds
2 cans of San Pellegrino sparkling Aranciata Rossa (blood orange) - you're more than welcome to use any of the others, but this one was a fast favorite for us :)
1 bottle of your preference of red or white wine (if you want to go crazy and mix the two, Mom and I have found that mixing a red and white wine from Arbor Mist works rather nicely).

What to do:

In a large pitcher, mix the fruit together. Pour in your wine, then pour in the San Pellegrino. Stir. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes so that it has time to "marinade", then enjoy!

I'm sure th…

Book status.

So yes, there is the inquiry on the status of the book I must answer to. And I think it's safe to say I'm done editing it! Mom finally did her read-through of it and after fixing some errors here and there, I feel like it's actually ready to be sent out.

As of right now, the book is titled CHILD OF BLACKWEN (it's probably evident to those unaware that I consider myself a fantasy writer. Very rarely do I dabble outside of that genre). I'll admit to being terrible when it comes to coming up with titles, but I think it suits the story well (back in the high school days, it used to be called "The Half-Vampire Artemis". The current title is MUCH better, no?). It might change should a publisher pick it up, I don't know. I had a theme in mind with the title since I have several more books left in the series to write. Yes, clearly there are vampires in it. No, it's nothing like TWILIGHT. Don't even THINK it! If anything, think of Underworld and Kate …


The most common question ever asked me whenever I introduced myself as a writer was, "Do you have a blog?". I've always cringed at the question, because it always implied further judgement and a writer gets enough of it as it is. I always hated when someone would say that writing isn't a "real job" and would revert to obnoxious sarcasm concerning the topic. The good thing about such people are that they are the perfect fuel when writing in a villain's point of view (cue the evil and maniacal laughter).

I always hesitated when explaining to others what the gist of my stories were because my mind has a case of "extreme editing" - I'll keep on changing the storyline even when I "finished" it. The picture here is proof of it - I've been working on this current storyline since I was 13 years old (I'm 23 now). I was once an "old school" writer where I hand-wrote everything. I remember the amazement from my peers, fri…