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I asked this question on my Facebook author page, but I will ask here too - who is the greater trickster? The raven, or the fox? At first it was because of sheer morbid curiosity, but somehow it now seems important for something that will come in book 3. So that means answer! ;)

On Tuesday, my new laptop came in. My previous laptop had been on its last legs (it took one hell of a beating for almost 3 years), and I was planning to make it last until mid-April...but "divine" intervention in the form of Shadow happened and it was the one time I wished he had cleared the jump over the couch. Thankfully enough of it survived where I was able to back-up and transfer all of my files. I have also entered the world of Windows 8...and I very much miss Vista. Slowly but surely, I'm getting used to it. Emphasis on "slowly".

Mistress of Blackwen has been taking some new turns lately. Even with missing one day of work due to the new laptop, I dished out a total of 7,463 word…


It is Monday, and I'm functioning. I think the St. Patrick's Day weekend can be deemed a success! I actually had a two part celebration of the holiday. Ashley came over on Saturday and along with Mom, we stuffed ourselves silly with good food, a specially baked chocolate Guinness cake (I still haven't tried an actual Guinness yet...I know, shame on me), and naturally, watching the Celtic Thunder boys. Ashley and I kept talking about how exciting November was going to be for us, since we'll be going to Colorado for a couple of days to catch one of their shows. We got meet and greet passes too, so that's going to be one awesome experience. And of course, there was dancing that night - can't partake in shenanigans without dancing after all. As for Sunday, I went out for drinks. That too, was a great time ;).

I can't say that I've been productive for writing though. I was not very focused throughout the week, so I made the executive decision to step away f…

The strike of the muse.

For someone who was battling a week long sinus cold, I was surprised with how productive I had been. There were two days last week where I had written 3,700+ words! I finished the week with a total of 10,961 words! It's safe to say that I have reached halfway in Mistress of Blackwen. It's very exciting.

I would also have to say that writing bar scenes is a lot of fun. Bar fights too. I hadn't seen an actual bar fight in a long while, but since I'm dealing with supernaturals here...well, let's just say the muse had her share of fun with my characters. Sadly, no deaths. Severe injuries, yes, but no deaths. Technically I was much happier this time around, so no one met with my metaphorical axe. Yet.

I'll be spending this week looking over last week's work, starting chapter 16, and I'll be doing some more research thanks to a fun conversation with a self-published writer, who happens to be friends with my lovely cousin. Also very exciting! I wouldn't …


Their expressions equals my past week in a nutshell. Needless to say, the crap parts of last week are officially a thing of the past. Yay. Speaking of the picture, I revitalized the "child" in me, and returned to the anime classic this past weekend. Yu Yu Hakusho is the main reason I have an obsession with animal spirits in the first place. Anyone who has been in any of my dorm rooms throughout the GMC years will remember seeing a wallscroll of Kurama, who is the red haired guy in the above picture, and his counterpart Yoko, the silver haired fox demon, yada yada yada. I was also impressed with one person who actually knew what the anime was once...but I digress. I will admit that it is also part of the influence behind my kitsune (Japanese term for "spirit fox") tattoo on my wrist. I don't watch as much anime as I used to, and truth be told, it's because there are hardly any good ones out in the world today (to me, anyways). I spent my middle school and h…