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Something in the wind.

This weather has been stealing me away, and I love it! I broke out the tank tops yesterday - it was very exciting. Warm weather like this always puts a smile on my face, and again, it makes me all the more anxious for when the summer comes. With the warm weather also comes "cupcake season" - Mom and I tend to bake more in the late spring/early summertime and scarf the pastries down while relaxing in the yard. This is also around the time where I often make my little oreo truffle bites (passed down to me by Amanda, though I changed up the process/ingredients a bit). I've got a bit of following for them after last summer, though they were deemed the "black balls" by the Fuego guys and co. Hilarious, I know. My frosting skills leaves something to be desired, but hey, these things disappear quickly anyways so who cares? :) This time of the year also televises the really fun end of the season/readying for the NCAA tourney lacrosse games. I got into lacrosse my fre…

Nature's calling.

First off, Happy Earth Day! It is yet another beautiful day here in Santa Fe.

Last week I've managed to finish my content edit of Mistress of Blackwen. It was the first time where I expected to slash sections away, but somehow that didn't happen. It seemed that things still worked as they are right now, though there had been quite a few changes. This is also the first time where the "additions" didn't expand the word count/page count like my past edits. The new total word count is sitting at 81,782 (only 975 new words added to the edit), and it only expanded to two extra pages (from 227 to 229). My extra pair of "eyes" will be looking over the new draft during the week as well, so I'm sure the counts will change again once I get her opinion. Either way, I'm just happy to get back to writing. I might even take the laptop to the backyard, just to be able to enjoy the nice weather that's been around again.

Speaking of the nice weather, Mom and…


 "I'm looking for my Prince Charming." You have no idea how many times I've heard that from gals throughout the years. I love a good fairy tale as much as the next person, but what's really the big deal about Prince Charming? Why him? Why not someone like Aladdin, or why not the Beast? They've got something to offer, do they not? Why not go for them? And then of course, I remember that we live in a world where 98% of the people desire perfection above all. Most gals want to be rescued and be taken care of for the rest of their lives (which isn't always a bad thing, but that's not the point I'm trying to make), and most guys want the broken girls because then they can feel that they're fulfilling the "rescuing" role and the gal wouldn't dare argue back. But what about those who don't want to be rescued? What about those who just want to find someone as crazy as they are, and break down that ideal?

Growing up, I only ever wan…

Taming the beast.

I have no word counts to report, as I am still going through a content edit of Mistress of Blackwen. I haven't made a dent in it yet, *nervous laughter*. I also went back to reread Child of Blackwen, and I'm amazed at how different it feels compared to book 2. This is good though, since book 2 was supposed to have a darker feel. I am definitely in need of a copyeditor though...I know there are things in Child of Blackwen that I've missed.

I'm still thinking more about book 3 than the completion of book 2. One suggestion given to me was that once I do finish book 2, I should take a small break, and then perhaps work on the storyline I created for my senior piece. It sounded like a good idea at first, but I think I might just take the small break once I do finish Mistress of Blackwen, and then just continue on with the series. I might start penning down some stuff for Shadow Walker though...

So it becomes another week of the red sharpie. I don't mind the writing &qu…

Mischief Managed.

Game of Thrones season 3...I'm already going nuts. I'm pretty grateful that I had already read all of the books that are out right now, because there were several moments where I was like, umm that's NOT from book 3. So, for those of you who prefer reading the books before watching the shows, this season is pretty much forcing you to read them all before you can actually watch. Can't argue against the fact that they're trying to keep us on our toes...but good job guys, you've officially screwed the people who wanted to read the books and watch the show at the same time (and there are tons of those, considering all the Facebook statuses I have seen so far). I'm happy Game of Thrones is back, don't get me wrong, but could we also get some scenes that were important in the book into the show? Please? I will say though that I liked how they've made the dragons. They don't seem fake at all to me. Thank the gods, because that would have upset me if t…