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The east in a nutshell.

I have returned home to Santa Fe, New Mexico...and it feels wonderful. It feels great to be back home to the mountains, to the crisp, clean air, and most importantly, to my heart that is Shadow. I expected him to be upset with us for having been gone for as long as we have, but I didn't expect to get the change that we came home to. Slowly but surely since Mom and I walked into the house last night, we are getting my original golden-eyed prince back. He's lying on top of my feet as I'm writing this, napping away with this half-grin that just warms the soul. Anyone who is a dog parent would know the's the greatest one in the world.

I wrote in my blog last week that when I set foot in NY, I felt out of place. That feeling was still strong throughout the trip. No matter how many good things went on during my trip, there was something that happened each day and reminded me why I made the right decision in leaving. No matter how much I love my family and frien…

"I sense a presence in the East...the Raven Queen has returned!"

...says Evan. Sorry bro, that was too good of a quote NOT to use! :)

But yes, I have returned to state of my birth, to my hometown of Woodhaven, NY. The moment I lifted that window shade in the plane, I thought of the day I left NY two years was as if nothing had changed. Gloomy, misty, and humid...yup, that's NY. The time that I've been here so far has felt so I don't fit here anymore. It was strange to walk the old routes that I used religiously in my childhood, to buying bagels at this shop I practically lived in...everything is just so different. I miss Santa Fe already.

The red-eye flight is not something I'd love to do again (even though we will have another one when we return to Santa Fe). We boarded late, and while the seats would have been comfortable normally, it was not comfortable for those trying to sleep for the whole night. My 13+ hour bus rides from the volleyball and lacrosse days proved to be more comfortable sleeping wise tha…


So Mistress of Blackwen had acquired 6,720 more words after last week. I actually expected it to be lower; the "finishing" of the book is just as hard as the "starting" of one. Slowly but surely, I am getting there. I remembered writing the "end" the very first time I worked on this storyline, and again, the 13 year-old Mel is cringing at the way things are going now. It would be an understatement if I said that the ending is vastly different now than in the original story. 13 year-old Mel is cringing in general at a lot of the changes I've made, but at least she's understanding that with time, the characters too, have grown. Once I am done with book 2, I need to start on some research for book 3...I need to look up/create some names for the new characters that will be in it.

In other news, Chez Agie/Mel has gotten more attention this past weekend! I believe I described it as Operation "Make it look like we actually live here". We'v…