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With magic, comes change.

How about that super moon last night? Well, in Santa Fe, we actually had it for two nights. Last night though, it was certainly a sight to behold. All the energy that poured out from that event...wowza. I've already felt something in the winds lately, mainly changes coming my way...but last night while watching the moon with the glowing orange ring that emanated from it, I couldn't help but make a wish. No, I'm not telling. If it comes true, then perhaps I'll revisit it and spill. Shadow was affected by it too. Every full moon since we've had him, Shadow's acted differently than usual during that part of the cycle. I thought he was going to howl at it last night, with the way he kept gazing at the super moon. I guess I should mention that more and more lately, I feel like there's some wolf mixed in with him (I'm thinking the Siberian Husky parent of his might have been mixed). I suspected it at first when he howled and sang for the first time back in D…

Edits and guests.

Happy Monday! It's almost summertime (it's technically still Spring y'know), the weather is wonderful, the crows and ravens are chattering, and my mystery guest was none other than my college roommate and volleyball teammate, Amanda! :)

Mistress of Blackwen edits have been going well, despite my poor eyes. I'm now currently in chapter 14, on page 212. Basically, I'm a little over halfway done. I feel like I'm not getting much of the editing done, even though I have quite a bit of red sharpie marks on the pages. I think I'm just going to finish the editing session once Amanda returns back east, take a break for a bit, and then do one more run through. The editing never really ends, but I just want to make sure that everything looks as well as feels right. Then of course, I can start on Champion of Blackwen!

There's also the matter of my not doing the research I'm supposed to be doing for book 3. I'll get to it soon. To be honest, all I have left …

Return of the Red Sharpie.

I started my Mistress of Blackwen first draft edits last week. I even pulled the "writer stereotype" and worked at Starbucks on one of those days, just because one does get a bit stir-crazy sometimes when they work at home. It was nice though. Mom and I got some work done, and had some good coffee and madeline cookies (I really need to learn how to make them).

I've made some pretty decent progress so far with the edits. I'm currently working though chapter 10, and will resume my work from page 144. Remember, I'm working on a double-spaced manuscript now...this is going to take a long while. I've also switched up my editing process, since it seemed to be more useful during my last editing session. I usually content edit first, but now I'm doing that as well as line by line edit (like a copyeditor, but not exactly). I've picked up more errors that way, and while it takes me longer than usual, I find that it's more effective.

I've also had to …

Two sides of a coin.

I didn't get to see Game of Thrones last night due to a dinner with friends, but from what I've seen from my friends on Facebook, I can only assume the Red Weddings have begun. I shouldn't be that person...but I'm going to be - I TOLD YOU SO *cue maniacal laughter*! I did warn people beforehand that if you hadn't read A Storm of Swords, you'd be in for a doozy this season, heh. I'll be catching the episode later on today. And again, if you hadn't read the books really might want to start doing so. So there was another reason why I missed Game of Thrones last night: 
A very late hour and a half later from dinner, I printed out the first draft of book 2 (of which I shall begin editing later on today). Yes, I've got 404 double-spaced pages and 107,096 words to get through. It's exciting! I'm already really proud of this book, so I can only imagine what I'll get from my initial editing process. Wish me luck! And wish me even more …