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Ever the explorer.

My cousin will be arriving from New York tomorrow night, which means there'll be a lot of adventuring to do this week! We'll be exploring a bit of New Mexico, like the Enchantment Loop, the Echo Amphitheater, Abiquiu Lake, and so on. Naturally, I'll be bringing my camera. I'll also be stashing away a notebook, just in case the muse strikes. Can't leave the house without a Sharpie and notebook, right? Shadow will be along for the trip too - he's going to be in heaven with the amount of hiking we plan to do.

I spent some time last week researching more about indie publishing (can never know too much about anything, really), and I've been going through my medieval armor book that I snagged during Amanda's visit here. Needless to say, I'm very happy I did not dream of men in various armor designs, explaining where they're from and giving me every little detail of what they're wearing (that should indicate just how much I've read so far). Ca…

Grace Period...sort of.

This one by far is probably one of the best (and closest) "meme" I've seen concerning writers. "How society sees me" is true, and while I do not own a typewriter (gods, I think my hands take enough of a beating with the amount of typing I do on top of the gaming days), I do hide away in places in the house and type furiously away. I don't believe Mom sees me as Shakespeare...I'm sure she believes I'm a whacky genius in my own right (just kidding). My friends can agree that I hide away in my "den", "nest", or whatever else they want to call my hermit mode. I swear, their favorite phrase with me is, "how long are you hiding away from the world this time around?". The ravens are hilarious, and Microsoft Word better recognize the raven queen *wink wink*. I do see myself as a thinker...hence the extensive need for coffee because sometimes I drift away into sleep with all the thinking I do. As for the reality, imagine a larg…

"It's just a jump to the left..."

That's right, ladies and gents! The Time Warp was happening this past Saturday in the Railyard Park! The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival put on the live show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and for those who didn't know, I actually have never been to one before. Cue the gasps.

I've seen the movie...but to my shame, I hadn't seen it until my junior year of college. It was funny trying to do the Time Warp with Evan and Kenny in Kenny's small single in Ames Hall. But yes, I've never been to a live show until now. I was "branded" with the bright red/pinkish lipstick, sporting a "V" on each cheek. I even dressed up for the occasion. I mean, it's kinda implied that you're supposed to.

So you would think, right?

Santa Fe was definitely one of those places where I expected everyone to be dressed for the show. You have no idea how disappointed I was that only a few small groups who came actually did so. You have no idea how stunned I wa…

Summer days.

Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it RAIN!!!

Santa Fe has been having a weird summer so far weather wise. In my time here, it has never been this crazy hot. We've been having on and off heat waves, and what rain we do get only gives us some minor relief. We need more rain, Mother Nature! I'll dance in the backyard if I have to! Last night wasn't nearly enough!

Workaholic Mel struck again last week, and I finished the edit transfers to the electronic version of book 2 faster than anticipated. Antsy Mel is not a fun person to be around either (sorry Mom and Santa Fe friends). Once I finished that, life has been more peaceful...except for the days I actually had the Yanks and the Mets on TV.

Speaking of which, All-Star game and home run derby next week anyone? I seriously see Chris Davis of the Orioles up there in the finals of the derby. The man has been a beast this season. I love Robinson Cano and David Wright, but I can give my honest opinion that Davis will outperform them…

"I think I'm quite ready for another adventure."

Happy July! I trust you're all having a grand ol' summer!

As one can guess from my title, I have been in somewhat of a Lord of the Rings kind of mood. I'll admit to watching the new Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer more times than one should (Legolas is in it, c'mon!). Some of the "purists" (which I know I can be sometimes) are a bit furious about some of the changes Peter Jackson made for the trilogy. I, believe it or not, am not one of them. The Hobbit is a long book in itself, and considering the man decided to make a trilogy out of it, I think there's plenty of room for creative freedom. It hasn't destroyed the storyline, and technically Legolas was alluded to in the novel. I have no qualms seeing my favorite character again.

Fun random fact for you all: Lord of the Rings helped open the world of elves to me. Once I embraced vampires and other supernaturals, the book magic kinda just happened from there.

This probably wouldn't be much…