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“Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.” - William Cullen Bryant

Pumpkins. Pumpkins everywhere.


Well, I'd like to think so. I've already gotten some fresh apple cider, I need to restock on this really awesome salted caramel chai hot chocolate mix, and nothing beats a Blue Moon Pumpkin Spice beer on a football Sunday (don't get me started on the Giants...I've already admitted defeat for this season because no one really comes back to relevance after an 0-4 record, and I will not reveal my second team considering the "curse" that has plagued my other sports teams this year. It is true that the majority of sports fans, athletes, and former athletes are quite I'm not telling! Does not mean that I have abandoned the Giants completely...I'm still a loyal fan, after all!).

Since October starts this week, I'll be happily putting up the Halloween decorations around the house. I'll definitely be plotting some pumpkin carving ideas (believe it or not, last year …


Within a span of a week, it has started to feel like Fall here! Letty came to visit Mom and I, and she is one of few who could say, "I spent about a week in Santa Fe, and it rained most of the time!". While we in New Mexico want the much needed rain...we don't want it delivered in the way it had been last week. Believe it or not, we're still in a flash flood warning. Had Mom and I still lived in our first home, we'd have been flooded for sure.

With that said, there was thankfully one day of that week where we had some sunshine. There was a return to Abiquiu Lake and Ghost Ranch, and we checked out Chama too. Chama is a tiny town with railroads, and it is definitely one of those places considered a "rest stop" for travelers (even in the old times). They had some pretty good coffee too, though nothing really beats Java Junction from Madrid (which we did go to during Letty's visit here). All in all, it was a great time. I even got to see into the cabi…

Moving along.

Even though I finished last week with a total of 9,638 words, I find myself feeling more giddy than usual. I technically took Labor Day off, so if I had written on Monday I'd have had another week with a 10,000+ word total. Mom actually made a joke saying that if I kept this up, I'd be done with Champions of Arrygn in 3 months rather than my record 5 months. As appealing as that sounds, I don't think I'll be done in 3 months. Again, I'm in new territory with this particular book and my characters have a mind of their own. We shall see.

As usual, I can't really give any spoilers. However, I will say that yet again I'm being evil to some of the characters. The new villain (one of two main ones), the raven familiar of one of the goddesses, is actually pretty intriguing to me. I had this mindset of how he was supposed to be, but I find myself going into a different direction with him...again. It's the same way with one of the "lesser" villains, w…

Hello September!

Happy September! By now I'm sure all of the pumpkin flavored anything is out on the shelves and coffee shops, the Fall specials of beer and cider are out and about, and maybe a hint of foliage has started wherever you live. Sadly, it still feels like June out here in Santa Fe, but at least there has been an "outbreak" of apple cider (at least at the Farmer's Market), and I've finally been able to have a Fall Woodchuck cider. It's not technically Fall yet, but I'm sure you can guess that it is my favorite season. I can hardly wait for it to get here. Week two of writing Champions of Arrygn proved to be more productive than week one! I ended the week with a total of 10,713 words and 49 pages. Since I only worked on the book for two weeks in the month of August, the total word count for the month is 18,297 words. Not too shabby, I say. I also thought it was fun for me to learn that only two of the days last week had a word count below 2,000 words. I like ha…