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Witches, werewolves, and vampires! Oh my!

Thursday is my favorite holiday in the world, and I am SO ready for it. I got a few more accessories for my costume from Party City (thank the gods it is now within walking distance!), and picked up some more candy for the kiddies. We had to promptly hide all the newly bought candy because...well...we had some Halloween candy around last week that was going to be used for kiddy bags, and now all the Whoppers and Milk Duds are gone. Plenty of Kit-Kats though; I'm still sick of those things. I think I need another decade before I even consider sniffing one again (I blame Dad...he's obsessed with them).

I got another pumpkin too, which I will carve out on what some of you consider "Devil's Night". Growing up it was called "Mischief Night", but hey, it's not as if the name makes a difference; people still go crazy then. It used to be pretty bad back in the early Hoboken days; my volleyball season would end by then, and in my freshman year, we all used…

"Everyone hail to the pumpkin song!"

I have spent all weekend watching the Tim Burton classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I feel bad for anyone who watches it with me, because I tend to sing all of the songs and quote the characters more times than a person should. I should mention that it is the best background "noise" to have while carving a pumpkin. On Saturday, I went to the annual Paint Out of Santa Fe. It's an event that's held on Canyon Road, where the majority of the art galleries in town are. Artists from all over the place come here and paint for your viewing pleasure, and there's usually music. This was kind of a sad version of what usually excited me since living out here. Granted, it was a little chillier than usual, but it was still beautiful enough for people to come out and paint/walk around. Shadow was happy for the cooler weather for sure (black dogs do not do well in summertime walks for obvious reasons). I was re…

True Grit - A bit of Q & A for the curious.

First thing to report is the book progress of Champions of Arrygn! I broke another record and finished the week with a total of 12,512 words. If I stick to the "tradition" of the total word count for a novel of mine, I've got 30,000-40,000 more words to go. It might be more, who knows. I really could be done with the first draft by the end of October. No pressure, naturally, but it'd be pretty sweet. I said to Mom the other day that it would actually be a nice birthday gift to myself to be done with this book before then (my birthday is exactly this day next month). Again, we shall see. The muses can be fickle and throw a block at me for their own amusement (let us pray that doesn't happen). I still don't think it'll end the way I originally envisioned, but that's ok. That's just how the writing process goes. I've been through it twice, after all.

So. You're wondering why I'm doing a bit of a Q & A. The answer is simple: I've…


The house is semi-done with Halloween decorations, the "Halloween-a-thon" of movies has begun, and my costume should be arriving tomorrow (maybe even today!). I can't say this enough: I love this time of year! This will be the first Halloween in this house too, and for once we can expect trick-or-treaters! I am excited. Another exciting thing as of late is the amazing progress of book 3. Mom jokingly said once that I would be done with book 3 in three months and considering my word counts lately, she could be right. I'm technically in my second FULL month of creation, since I only started writing in the last two weeks of August. I finished last week with 9,780 words total, and the rough draft has now broken the 60,000 word mark. My café day last week gave me a total of 2,978 words (I'm enjoying this new tradition!). I've reached the point where I just shove the worries of "new territory" away by constantly reminding myself that I am an editing mani…