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Belief is a power all in its own. People believe in divine forces, wishes, in each other, holidays, etc. When you suffer from one week of laziness, you believe the next week will be more productive (which it was). When you realize that hardly anyone in this world can appreciate a holiday anymore because retail stores has supplies for that said holiday months in advance, you believe that there are SOME people left who understand that Thanksgiving should NOT be skipped because of the need to buy cheaper priced Christmas gifts on that very day (and while there aren't many of them, I'm happy that there just are those people left in the world...isn't it ironic that the media is focusing on a holiday that is perceived to be the one where we're expecting something to be given to us rather on the holiday that is perceived to be the one where we should be thankful for who and what we even have?). And when you know that there is supposed to be snowfall during the weekend and yo…

Hello 24.

My first post as a 24 year old! The birthday festivities were really great. I send out another thank you for all the wishes sent to Mom and myself, we appreciate them! I got to watch some football and have drinks with friends on the actual day, and Mom and I celebrated our "In-Between" birthdays at Tanti Luce 221 here in Santa Fe (everything was perfect!).

I'm sure you're wondering if I got any work done last week. Believe it or not, I did! I'll admit I didn't edit as much as I thought I would; I think the birthday excitement proved too much for the workaholic Mel. Since this process differs from the previous editing processes of books 1 and 2, I'm doing way more than I originally intended to. The first edit of the book I do is a content edit. Because I wrote book 3 without stopping due to a block, the content editing is going to take up way more of my time than usual (I'm not complaining, don't worry). After that, I'll need to take some time…

Oh, sh...sugar.

Break? Relaxing? What's that? What is this amazing concept you speak of?

I apparently have forgotten what it is like to do that very thing. Writing IS considered relaxing to me and I'm so used to doing so on a regular basis that not writing actually drives me nuts! The funny part about all of this is that I couldn't have started the editing process last week even if I really wanted to (and yes, I really did). I picked up a binder early last week to put my printed first draft in. I readied the manuscript to print double-spaced. By the time I reached the printed page of 179, I had the ultimate facepalm moment: I forgot to buy paper. I'm pretty sure the universe laughed at me when that happened. I could have sworn I heard in my head "Will you finally relax now, woman?!".

I can't say I haven't entirely failed at relaxing...I may or may not have been living on "The Hobbit" Facebook page and watching some of the video blogs and trailers over and …

Fall back.

Happy November!! Of course, this is also where I say "Happy Scorpio Season". There is not a day in this month without a birthday for me. Such a happy month!

The recent time change is a bit of a doozy, however. I always love an extra hour of sleep, but I do NOT enjoy waking up at 6:30 in the morning.

I hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Shadow did not entirely hate his angel wings, but after a while they made him so nervous that we had to take them off. Poor boy. We also had a bunch of trick-or-treaters! We started to get worried because our first set of kiddies didn't even come until 7:30. There were a lot of tweens this year too and they were pretty happy they got some candy from us. I do not discriminate; I was that kid who kept trick-or-treating until I left Hoboken for Vermont. My friends and I would meet up at our lockers after school, go onto Washington Street, and just collect candy from all the stores and restaurants. In my senior year of high school (as We…