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There and back again.

Two weeks away from the blog and other bits of work feels like an eternity. For the inquiring minds, I did not update because I had an impromptu trip to New York City. I didn't tell very many people why I was really there, why I was back in the home state so last minute; it's still not something I'm willing to speak about in great detail so I can only reveal that it was not for a pleasant reason. It was a miracle I was able to see so many relatives within that week, on both sides of the family. It was a miracle I even caught a day with two of my friends who live in Jersey (and even threw in the second Hobbit movie during my visit...Lee Pace is a VERY good Thranduil *smiles*). I maybe only had two days of that week where I woke up when the sun was already up. It was the most stressed, depressed, and disoriented I've ever been since college. I didn't even bring my work to the East. There was no way in hell any of it was going to get done. It was foolish of me to thi…

Remembering the light.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It was Shadow's first one with us. Needless to say, the boy had a very good time. The food coma that took over him was rather entertaining, and I think this was the biggest smile he's ever sported around us.

Speaking of which, today marks the one year anniversary of adopting Shadow! I've always wanted to rescue a husky; the idea first came as a child after watching Balto. The first time I ever saw a Husky in person, it only solidified how much I wanted to have one. I've learned the hard way that adopting a Husky in Santa Fe is really difficult; they get adopted quite quickly. Also, we were living in a home where the dog would not be living comfortably in. Once we moved to this current home, it was time to find the "dog of my dreams". I even told Mom that I would go for a German Shepherd for my second choice. We ended up finding a description of a dog labeled a "Shepsky", which is a mixture of both. A friend…