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Happy Revenge of the Fifth all! I had a rather eventful week, that's for sure. A college buddy of mine was in town so we hung out and caught up after not seeing one another for two years. I introduced him to some aspects of Santa Fe living, had him mingle with my friends, and took him to one of the many nerdy holy grails in existence, the Jean Cocteau Cinema. The Santa Fe film festival has been taking place since last week, and there was a day where Harry Lloyd (Viserys Targaryen to the Game of Thrones fans) was in the cinema to show his film, Big Significant Things (which was really good, by the way). My buddy was lucky enough to even catch George R.R. Martin (the reaction was priceless).  All in all, I can let these do the talking:

I got to meet him (and I did not make a fool of myself)! He was super sweet and very cool. :)
He also signed my book, both as himself and as Viserys Targaryen.
After the movie we did a Q&A with Harry. What was great was that while a lot of us in attendance were really Game of Thrones fans, we focused on asking questions from Big Significant things. He was ready for GoT questions though, heh.

I think what really added to the night (besides taking pictures and the fact that he happily signed my book and added an extra autograph as his GoT character) was when he hung out with our group for a little bit after the crowd cleared out. And yes, we asked a few GoT related questions (especially about the scene about his, erm, "crowning"). This so made up for my missing Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) months ago. It was after I missed her where I started going to the JC for the marathon, and I swore to stop missing out on actors and writers attending the cinema. Plus, Harry Lloyd was on my list of GoT actors I would have loved to meet for a long while; I can check that off my list now. :)

Speaking of special guests at the cinema, there'll be a writer from Star Trek: The Next Generation in attendance tonight. That tv show was a huge part of my childhood, and you can bet that I will NOT be missing this.

As for the Artemis Ravenwing series...yes, I am still on "vacation". Once I get Child of Blackwen back from the readers, go through their notes and eventually send it off to start the self-pubbing path, I'll return to my cohesion edit. Since the weather has been gorgeous (and when I'm not off partaking in some lacrosse fun), I think I'll be back to doing some work outside. There's nothing like grabbing a blanket, some research material, lots of Sharpie pens, and a few chapters to edit at a time to make a gal enjoy the day as well as the weather. I have to update the editing playlist on my iPod as well...each book has their own set of playlists, of course! In the meantime, I'll also continue my mini adventures with Shadow Weaver; a dog should have his own fun with the nice weather too.


  1. Bautiful pictures and beautiful experience.
    It 's true that Harry is shy? Live, he's like in the picture? Any difference? Sorry for my curiosity :P By from Italy :)

    1. Thank you very much! And no worries. Awesome about Italy! :) Harry was a little shy, but he was very interactive with the fans so it wasn't really noticeable. He's quite humble too and sweet, especially about the part where he chose to stay behind and chat with my group of friends and me for a little bit after the crowd cleared out of the cinema. Calling him a nice guy might be an understatement but he really is. :)


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