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15 Amazon Reviews!

Thank you to those who left reviews on Amazon! And to Goodreads too, I thank you as well. I made a promise that if I got 15 Amazon reviews for CHILD OF BLACKWEN, I would share a teaser chapter of MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN, volume two of the Artemis Ravenwing novels. And I shall keep to it!

Here is Chapter 1 from the recent draft. Please enjoy! And if you haven't reviewed CHILD OF BLACKWEN yet, please do! I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Holiday week.

(YuYu Hakusho anime)
I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I am no Grinch, but I swear it does not feel like the holidays. I still blame the retail stores. Stop putting Christmas decorations out in September!!! And stop teasing us with the not so "real" snow, Santa Fe!
Nonetheless, some holiday traditions will be kept. I am a child of two Christmases; Polish side of the family celebrates on Christmas Eve and the Puerto Rican side celebrates on Christmas Day. This year, I'm sort of combing both on one day. Going to have some chicken with some Spanish spices on Christmas Eve, as well as some bacon here and there (yes, I know the traditional Polska peeps are cringing that I would be doing that, but I am and never will be a consumer of seafood. It just isn't going to happen!). I'll be baking my creme puffs too (a childhood tradition), so that should be fun. Then there will be the Farolito Walk on Canyon Road, which is always beautiful and a great time.

In oth…

Crafting, editing, reading...on and on.

I went crafting this weekend with some friends of mine. They're greatly helping me with my Tauriel cosplay for the January Albuquerque Comic Con. Can't wait to show off once everything is done!

A lot has happened last week! First, I saw some proofs for the CHILD OF BLACKWEN bookmarks, and they're looking fantastic. I'll share it once the project is finished. I really can't wait to hand them out to you guys; the first stop for bookmark gifting/marketing will be at the ABQ Comic Con, of course!

Another fun thing that's happened was that there was a fundraiser by a high school in the Bronx, Morris Academy for Collaborative Arts, that included CHILD OF BLACKWEN! Thanks to some generous donors, we successfully funded the project to have 15 copies of my novel for the school's lunchtime book club. I donated three autographed copies as well. No such thing as having too many books, right? They have another fundraiser going on, one that will help stock their library…

Getting back into the routine.

It's December, the tree is up, and we are starting to see more of the floor of the new apartment. Things are looking up!

Happy Cyber Monday! I am currently selling 13 autographed paperbacks of CHILD OF BLACKWEN via my Square Market! They are going for $12 (does not include shipping). I do ship priority, so it'll get to you quickly! You can buy them here:

As always, you can purchase CHILD OF BLACKWEN through these venues too:

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Barnes and Noble (paperback; can call the store for a pick up as well) -

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Happy reading and please leave a review! A chunk of each earning will go to MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN …