Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh myyyy.

Happy Monday! The Winter Olympics are over and I can go back to my usual routines again (and try to be back into my "zen" mode). I'm bummed about the hockey results, as you can imagine. I actually woke up at 5 am to watch the gold medal match (mind you, I was out late for a friend's birthday celebration the night before), and once the third period rolled around, I gave up on Sweden. I had to tell myself that at least a New York Ranger came home with a gold...I still have to tell myself that just to feel better. At least I have baseball season coming up! :)

Now here's the really good news: I've started on the cohesion edits last week!

So that right there are all three books, printed double-sided (I LOVE my new printer). I was just going to do a small bit of editing at first, but then I realized that I was doing a major re-editing with book one. I want book one to match the strengths of books 2 and 3, so this part of the cohesion edit is going to take me quite some time. No complaints here, by the way. It's nice to be working on the books. I enjoyed my "vacation", but I don't feel so stir-crazy when I'm back in my writing world. I am crazy excited that book 1 will be out there in the late fall for you all to read. I can't wait!
As of right now, I've finished going through the first five chapters of Child of Blackwen. I already have about three pages worth of extra material to add from my editing notebook. I will be having my coffeehouse outings too, just to get a change of scenery. How I've missed those...
My Game of Thrones outings will continue as well, don't worry. Last Wednesday had to be my favorite one so far. And of course, I have some pictures to share:
I was the first in line this time around. I usually get there between 3-3:30 pm (it's a 15 minute walk from the house). The showing isn't until 7 pm, mind you.
This handsome fella here is Storm, an arctic wolf from the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. I have now fulfilled a dream of not only meeting a wolf, but "loving" one as well. This was SUCH a magical moment for me.

Yes, I am very much a Kit Harington fangirl. I am extremely proud of myself for maintaining my calm demeanor (how my voice didn't waver when I spoke to him, I do not know!).
If you're wondering what my questions to him were, I'm more than happy to share. I first asked him who was his favorite co-star to film a scene with, and Kit replied that he had a group of favorites. He loves working with the brothers of the Night's Watch co-stars and Rose Leslie (Ygritte). My other question was that if he couldn't be Jon Snow, which other role would he have gone for? The answer made everyone in the theater cheer because this character is in the category of awesome: Bronn. Kit favors the line where Lysa Arryn says that Bronn did not fight without honor, to which Bronn replies, "No...he did.". I am glad that he is Jon Snow though! He plays him really well. Overall, the Q&A Skype session with Kit was awesome. I love these events, I really do. Happy moments like these bring good juju for my "creative spirit".
One more little tidbit to share! So of course I have a love for three animals in particular (Shadow is in a category all in his own): ravens, wolves, and foxes. There are ravens here all the time, so naturally, I feel a spiritual love there. They've been more active around the house lately - a couple of them have been hanging around in the yard (my room window faces the tree in the yard). Wednesday, I met and petted a wolf - a WHITE wolf with golden eyes (think of Cailean, even though the story says he has blue eyes, the white wolf totem character of my Shadow Walker piece, and for others, think of the white wolf with golden eyes pictures I used to have in my dorm back in the GMC days). Saturday night, there was a fox walking around downtown Santa Fe, a big one. All three animal totems in one week? Something's in the works...something good! :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympics and books.

Happy Monday! I trust everyone had an eventful weekend one way or another. While I am not a "fan" of Valentine's Day, I can say that I had a nice one this year. I mean, who doesn't enjoy having an adorable four-legged companion who doesn't need a day to remind you that he absolutely loves you? And how about some homemade cheesecake! Can't forget about that!

So a miracle happened last week. The channel that was to televise most of the hockey games (of which I did not have at the start of the Olympics, therefore causing my rant of having to watch team USA hockey on my laptop) randomly appeared! Apparently DirectTV decided to throw that channel in as a "free-trial" for the month, therefore sparing me from using my laptop as a tv. There may have been a happy dance followed by a squeal of excitement. Maybe. With that said, I was more than thrilled to have caught hockey on tv so far. I willingly got up at 5 am (I'm two hours behind the East Coasters), had a large amount of coffee, and watched the hockey thriller of USA versus Russia. This also has the be the one Winter Olympics where I've watched SO MANY events. And hey, even Poland's racking up quite the number of gold medals (woo!). Makes me happy, for sure.

In other news, book 3 was returned to me! I went through the notes, worked on it a bit, and now I'm waiting patiently (ok, maybe not so much) for my new printer to arrive. It was supposed to have been here on Friday *sighs*. The binder arrived though, and it is a monster. I'll have the customary picture posted once it's filled up. Until then, it's just more Olympics and reading for this gal! And yes, more "fangirl" outings to the Jean Cocteau. It's a routine I'd like to keep until they're done with the Game of Thrones marathon. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

The release of the "inner fangirl".

Last Monday, I lived one of the ultimate fangirl moments: I went to the Jean Cocteau cinema, watched Game of Thrones episodes, stayed behind for a Skype interview with Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), and met George R.R. Martin. I sat outside in the cold (with a book and a blanket) from 3:30 p.m. to when they let us inside at 6. I won one of the door prizes and got it autographed. I bought my favorite book of the series (so far, since it is still unfinished) and it was autographed too. I was in heaven, complete with popcorn and beer.

The mastermind himself.
I won a calendar with the raffle ticket that came after buying "A Storm of Swords" (you get a raffle ticket upon entry and extra ones upon purchasing merchandise). At first, George couldn't find the silver Sharpie, so he originally signed the pic of Jon Snow (who represented the month of January). One of the workers found the silver Sharpie, and George said it was no trouble to give another autograph.  A perfect ending to a perfect night.

I will be returning to the cinema on Wednesday, to catch the next set of episodes AND to speak to Kit Harington via Skype. I will never forgive myself if I missed it. I already missed Maisie/Arya AND a pair of wolves. No more missing out on these things! :)

In other news, I'm still on my "time off". Book 3 has not been returned to me yet. While the wait goes on, the "itch" of the writer workaholic Mel has been growing. What else is new, right? At least I have Zumba back into my life. It keeps me busy enough, and I'll be starting on some Yoga this week too. Yay for physical health!

I've been slacking on the reading a bit too since the Olympics have been on. Not that I haven't been enjoying what NBC has decided to show us, but I'm a bit peeved that I will have to watch hockey on my laptop (they're showing the games on unavailable channels...the bums!). If something is being televised, I'd very much to prefer watching it on the television. How is hockey not considered "prime time" anyways? *shakes fists and sighs* You're killing me again, NBC. You ruined a lot of the really important Olympic volleyball matches in the last Summer Olympics by televising the last hour of them, and now you're robbing me of the one sport I really wanted to watch on tv. Ok, rant over.

Back to reading for me. Have a happy week, everyone!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Time off continued.


I'd say "Happy Monday" as per usual, but it's not too happy of a Monday for me. Yes, I refer to the Super Bowl yesterday. Yes, I was rooting for the Broncos (considering they're my secondary team and all...surprise to those who hadn't figured THAT out yet!). At least Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers made for a sweet half-time show. Did anyone else think that their show felt short compared to Beyoncé's last year? I'd rather the extra time be spent on their show than hers (sorry to readers who are her fans...It's not as if I don't like her music and all, it's just that I feel like I'm seeing the same performance of hers each time she's on the screen). At least Olympic hockey is coming up, and then there's baseball season to make a gal feel better!

I'm still waiting on my reader, so I'm continuing my reading marathon in the meantime. I even managed to catch the movie version of "The Lovely Bones". If I didn't read the book, I would have liked it enough. Since I had, I was left with a very bitter taste of disappointment at the end. *sighs* Yup, I am one of those who will say "the book was better" if it were true.

By the way, we'll be investing in a printer that prints double-sided pages and I won't have to feel so guilty about reprinting all three books for the cohesion edits. With that in the works, I'll easily fit them into a 5 inch binder (woo-hoo!). GMC would be a degree, I'm sure.

I am getting rather antsy to work on the books again. The need to start book 4 is pretty strong again as well (the characters feel they've been repressed enough). *sighs* Soon, soon. It's also part of the reason why I haven't started any research or revisited some mythology anthologies. The moment I do, the characters will rebel and will invade more of my thoughts until I succumb to them and start writing. It's a bit infuriating because I HAVE to work on the cohesion edits before starting book 4, but on the bright side, it's nice to get these feelings again considering how I've been in a dark place since my Abuela's passing.

On a side note, I'll be attempting to make it into the free showings of Game of Thrones in George R.R. Martin's theater, the Jean Cocteau cinema and coffeehouse. If I am lucky to make it (have you SEEN the lines at this place during these specific showings, Santa Feans??), I'll nab some pics if I can. A college buddy reminded me that I needed to take advantage of this since not only am I fifteen minutes away from the place, but I can also live the experience for our group of friends who are still back east. Mom's been telling me since day one to get my butt over to the place. So I shall be bundled up, pack a book just in case, and will be leaving the home early enough in the attempts to be one of the 150 people who can get in. They had Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and such beautiful wolves from the Santa Fe wolf sanctuary there last time, and I believe tonight they'll be having Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) tonight via Skype. You better believe that when they have Kit Harrington via Skype during one of their showings, I'll wait outside the cinema at the crack of dawn if I have to. Anyways, keep the fingers crossed for me! :)