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Oh myyyy.

Happy Monday! The Winter Olympics are over and I can go back to my usual routines again (and try to be back into my "zen" mode). I'm bummed about the hockey results, as you can imagine. I actually woke up at 5 am to watch the gold medal match (mind you, I was out late for a friend's birthday celebration the night before), and once the third period rolled around, I gave up on Sweden. I had to tell myself that at least a New York Ranger came home with a gold...I still have to tell myself that just to feel better. At least I have baseball season coming up! :)

Now here's the really good news: I've started on the cohesion edits last week!

So that right there are all three books, printed double-sided (I LOVE my new printer). I was just going to do a small bit of editing at first, but then I realized that I was doing a major re-editing with book one. I want book one to match the strengths of books 2 and 3, so this part of the cohesion edit is going to take me quite…

Olympics and books.

Happy Monday! I trust everyone had an eventful weekend one way or another. While I am not a "fan" of Valentine's Day, I can say that I had a nice one this year. I mean, who doesn't enjoy having an adorable four-legged companion who doesn't need a day to remind you that he absolutely loves you? And how about some homemade cheesecake! Can't forget about that!

So a miracle happened last week. The channel that was to televise most of the hockey games (of which I did not have at the start of the Olympics, therefore causing my rant of having to watch team USA hockey on my laptop) randomly appeared! Apparently DirectTV decided to throw that channel in as a "free-trial" for the month, therefore sparing me from using my laptop as a tv. There may have been a happy dance followed by a squeal of excitement. Maybe. With that said, I was more than thrilled to have caught hockey on tv so far. I willingly got up at 5 am (I'm two hours behind the East Coasters)…

The release of the "inner fangirl".

Last Monday, I lived one of the ultimate fangirl moments: I went to the Jean Cocteau cinema, watched Game of Thrones episodes, stayed behind for a Skype interview with Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), and met George R.R. Martin. I sat outside in the cold (with a book and a blanket) from 3:30 p.m. to when they let us inside at 6. I won one of the door prizes and got it autographed. I bought my favorite book of the series (so far, since it is still unfinished) and it was autographed too. I was in heaven, complete with popcorn and beer.

The mastermind himself. I won a calendar with the raffle ticket that came after buying "A Storm of Swords" (you get a raffle ticket upon entry and extra ones upon purchasing merchandise). At first, George couldn't find the silver Sharpie, so he originally signed the pic of Jon Snow (who represented the month of January). One of the workers found the silver Sharpie, and George said it was no trouble to give another autograph.  A perfect ending …

Time off continued.

 I'd say "Happy Monday" as per usual, but it's not too happy of a Monday for me. Yes, I refer to the Super Bowl yesterday. Yes, I was rooting for the Broncos (considering they're my secondary team and all...surprise to those who hadn't figured THAT out yet!). At least Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers made for a sweet half-time show. Did anyone else think that their show felt short compared to Beyoncé's last year? I'd rather the extra time be spent on their show than hers (sorry to readers who are her fans...It's not as if I don't like her music and all, it's just that I feel like I'm seeing the same performance of hers each time she's on the screen). At least Olympic hockey is coming up, and then there's baseball season to make a gal feel better!

I'm still waiting on my reader, so I'm continuing my reading marathon in the meantime. I even managed to catch the movie version of "The Lovely Bones". If I…