Monday, April 28, 2014


That's what this "vacation" really feels like...waiting. I shouldn't complain really. I haven't had a "real" break in ages, but yeah, the itch to keep working on the books is there. In the meantime, I've been reading, going on mini adventures with my dearest Shadow Weaver, spending time with friends, watching some anime, and catching up on sleep. I know some of you would say that I should still work even though I don't have the book back from my readers yet, but if I ever want to complete a project, I have to take the step back...even if the workaholic is dying inside. I had a bad habit of starting things and then never finishing them because I would multi-task on my stories. I won't feed that annoying little monster, heh. Believe it or not, I hate the idea of vegging. Once in a while, it is lovely...but I like being busy. Perhaps I should return to my Zelda games to help stop me feeling so stir-crazy (and it'll help not destroy my already thin bank account).

I also foresee less time spent in the outdoors this week considering that the weather decided to remind us what a true Santa Fe spring is like. I can deal with the wind...I just want the warm temperatures back. Plus there is a college buddy of mine who happens to be in town for the week, so that'll be fun at least.

While writing is technically my full-time job, I'm going to have to start finding something part-time...something more stable than what I did have. Cross your fingers for me that I'll actually find something! And don't worry, I have no intention of it interfering with my writing. I will still be a writing maniac; I just need a better, erm, cushion.

Once the weather gets better again and whenever I get my book back from the readers, I have some new venues to "escape" to once I return to being my writer self. Considering how much I prefer tea to coffee, there's one place I plan on going to (I've been sort of living at Teahouse thanks to my recent outings with my friends). I'll still have my Starbucks outings, but I won't go to the one in the Plaza during the warm weather; I'll never get anything done. There's another one that's not too far from home, and it has outdoor seating so I won't get too many disturbances. I'll leave the park for my lacrosse adventures. :)

And now I'm off. Have a great week everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2014

"...and not a soul to hear."

I've always liked the color purple, even though others would tell you that I love black, red, and blue. To the spiritual, we believe that the color purple is a color of protection; others will say that purple is the color of royalty. To Game of Thrones fans, we have the "Purple Wedding"...and what a glorious color it was concerning the death of the most hated character in existence. Granted, when I first read King Joffrey's death, I thought he got off easy. After watching it, I found myself thinking the same thing. Still, a despicable character met his end. I'm not sure who amused me more last night and this morning; the reactions of people via social media who didn't read the books, or the news articles written by journalists who didn't read the books. Your local friendly neighborhood book snob leaves you with a message: READ THE BOOKS. You can do audiobooks too...just sayin'.

In my last entry, I said I was going to start phase two of my cohesion edit. After the first day, I thought to stop again. It is better if I wait for the return of Child of Blackwen from my readers before I continue the cohesion edits of Mistress of Blackwen and Champions of Arrygn. I have a bad habit of rushing when I'm either excited or nervous, and I don't want that to destroy all the hard work I've done. You can say I'm on vacation...of sorts. I do have a reading list to return to, some lacrosse to watch as well as play, the rest of my television shows to catch up on, and other fun stuff (social life included). I don't have an update as to how the readers are doing (it's been a busy week for all of us), but I am not worried. I rather enjoy my somewhat lazy days in the park, after all. Hopefully I can have more of them this week, if the weather does not mirror the sort we're having today.

Wish me luck in relaxing until the readers are done. I may or may not have tried to do some research during my "vacation" already...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Phase two...of sorts.

A weekend filled with friends, Captain America 2 and Game of Thrones, oh myyy! It was a good thing I already decided to take the weekend off from book work; I sort of forgot what it was like to be relaxed. Ok, perhaps distracted from the book jitters would be a better description. It's the sad part about being an obsessive perfectionist, the constant worrying and nerves...

I sent off the recent version of Child of Blackwen to the readers last week, and so far so good! Both are making nice progress and have sent comments that eased some of my nerves, which is always a good thing. The one reader who already read all three books of the series so far says that I've done a good job with the recent cohesion edit of book 1, so that is one huge weight that's flown off my shoulders. Thank goodness.

I don't expect to get book 1 back from my readers until the end of the month, so I'll be returning to the cohesion edit tomorrow. I'm excited to return to the tale in Mistress of Blackwen; I'd say a LOT more happened in that book, but a lot happens in all three books really. As for book 4, I'll start it in mid-November (definitely after the birthday). It'll be easier to concentrate on it once Child of Blackwen is published. I still need to think of a title for it...the tentative one I have so far doesn't feel quite right. I also have to jot down some of the ideas that's been flowing for the Shadow Walker series I'll work on once I'm finished with the Artemis Ravenwing series. They just keep coming, and I still need to stand by my method of working solely on one tale at a time. Nothing will be finished otherwise (and jotting stuff down is harmless. I better not have jinxed myself now...).

So other than returning to the cohesion edit this week, there's more Game of Thrones festivities to be had, a celebration of the second Hobbit movie that will be out on DVD (mmm, Lee Pace), and...catching up on sleep. I technically am a night owl, but ever since one particular summer after my move to Santa Fe, I've picked up the habit of waking up at what feels like an ungodly hour the day after staying up so late. There's also the matter of certain canine by the name of Shadow Weaver, who likes to let it known that I should not sleep past a particular time since it means less time to play with him. Thank the old gods and the new for a concept called a nap. :)

((Art by Majaraco, can find on tumblr!))