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Here we go.

(Artist Unkown) On Friday, I took the first of many plunges in the self-publishing process, which was sending my info to Amazon's CreateSpace. The last time I shook that much, I was getting ready to read Shadow Walker aloud during my senior capstone. There was a quick turnaround in communication, and I was mentally preparing myself for talking to one of the staff on Tuesday (tomorrow). So what did I do in the meantime? I went out with friends that day to partake in the Sixth Gun festivities hosted by the Jean Cocteau Cinema (a comic book that almost turned into a tv show). When I went to grab some lunch, I noticed a few unread e-mails as well as a missed call. Naturally, I'm wondering what in the world was going on. Next thing I knew, my phone was ringing again, and it was none other than the publishing consultant that was assigned to me. Amazon, you get two major thumbs up for having a staff who makes sure they are there to help you and prep for the biggest event of a writer&…

Counting down.

((Artist unknown)) Four more days until I start the self-publishing process of Child of Blackwen, yay! I am very excited, and I have a lot of work to do in these four days. I have to finish rereading the edits I've inputted from my readers' notes, I have to write my blurb and the description that would be on the back of the book, I have to write down my ideas for a cover, and so on. It's nerve-wrecking, but it is really great too. I've been waiting for this for a long's finally here. I also have to take an author pic...hmm. Unless I use the picture I have displayed on my Facebook Writer page... The first step of submitting my work to Amazon's CreateSpace is to have a copyeditor look over my manuscript. Because Child of Blackwen is a total of 105,102 words and 382 pages, the turnaround will take at least 4 weeks (maybe a little more). After that, we'll work with the kindle and print on demand formatting, font choice, book layout, etc. Then the cove…

Vacation: over.

That's right, ladies and gents! My "vacation" is officially over. I got Child of Blackwen and notes back from both of my readers, and I am excited. I'll be back to being a busy little bee today, and yes, I am very happy about it. I'll be taking a lot of time to comparing the notes, making some final edits, and then I will send it off! Just another step closer to completing the, oh my.

Once I send off the book to Amazon and start the self-pubbing process, I will definitely restart the second part of my cohesion edit with book 2, Mistress of Blackwen. I am ready to dive back into it, especially after being told that the added bits I included in Child of Blackwen was a hit rather than a miss. You have no idea how much relief I feel about it. It's one thing to feel that you made the story stronger, but it's another when that feeling gets validated. I'd dance around the house with glee, but seeing as how Shadow Weaver is all curled up beside m…

Seeing stars.

Happy Revenge of the Fifth all! I had a rather eventful week, that's for sure. A college buddy of mine was in town so we hung out and caught up after not seeing one another for two years. I introduced him to some aspects of Santa Fe living, had him mingle with my friends, and took him to one of the many nerdy holy grails in existence, the Jean Cocteau Cinema. The Santa Fe film festival has been taking place since last week, and there was a day where Harry Lloyd (Viserys Targaryen to the Game of Thrones fans) was in the cinema to show his film, Big Significant Things (which was really good, by the way). My buddy was lucky enough to even catch George R.R. Martin (the reaction was priceless).  All in all, I can let these do the talking:

I got to meet him (and I did not make a fool of myself)! He was super sweet and very cool. :) He also signed my book, both as himself and as Viserys Targaryen. After the movie we did a Q&A with Harry. What was great was that while a lot of us in …