Monday, June 30, 2014


Last week I received my manuscript from my copyeditor! I've been peering through it since, and today will really begin the intensive read-through/editing. Every night since I got it, I've been going through the editorial letter that she sent me. It's a lengthy letter, but that is because I have a rather lengthy manuscript. Overall, she had some comments and suggestions I've been thinking about all weekend and have some ideas that'll strengthen certain parts of the tale. I'll let you in on a secret: I thought she was going to have wayyyyyyy more comments and corrections in the manuscript than there already is. It's still a bit to go through, but the fact that it isn't as much as I expected means I can take a deep breath of relief.

I'll share this direct quote from the letter:

"Child of Blackwen has a compelling start and follows through with likeable characters, strong dialogue, and a sophisticated writing style."

For years I've wanted validation for this, for doing something I love despite the judgment and having a handful of people telling me to get a "real" job...and that line screamed it. Of course, I'm still nervous. Either way, I can still give myself a pat on the back; the copyeditor could have hated it, after all.

I'm giving myself to the end of July to finish going through my copyeditor's notes and revising Child of Blackwen. I will not rush myself and I will spread out the work throughout the week, weekends included. I must. I'll be needing a lot of tea and coffee...and park days, even if it's just by myself.

Now, it's time to work. Until next week! :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cover proof and naps.

((Artist Unknown))
Another Monday, another week of book publishing work. Things have slowed down a bit, however. The marketing part of the publishing package has finalized, and I got to see the first proof of the cover for Child of Blackwen. I don't need another round of changes for the cover, as I am pleased with what they sent me. No reveal yet, sorry. There will be one in the future though, I promise!
I am really glad the images I found worked together for the creation of the cover. My design team did a fantastic job, and I can't wait to see how it'll look with the text the marketing team came up with. I may or may not be spending a significant amount of time just staring at the proof...I can't help it, heh. My dream is nearly fleshed's so wonderful!
I believe they're now waiting for me to receive my manuscript from the copyeditor before they continue with anything else. I should be getting that by the end of next week, and then I'll be crazy busy going through it. I'll admit I'm a bit nervous to see the edits and comments the copyeditor will send me. Normally I'd be petrified, but I'm only nervous. I'll take that as a good thing. :)
I'm still suffering from a lack of sleep, sadly. Granted, I've been doing a little better in that department than the week before (I think it helps that the book publishing work has slowed down), but my internal clock is still forcing me to be more aware during certain hours. Naps have not helped...mainly because every time I've tried to nap, something happens to keep me awake. On the bright side, it gives me an excuse to read more again. Might as well exhaust the mind with some good stories, right?
Speaking of which, it's time for me to return to the said stories. And keeping my iPhone close (I either get phone calls or e-mails from my CreateSpace team). Until next week!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cover and marketing stages.

Happy Monday! I am officially back to living on coffee (haven't done so since college). Sleep comes to me when it feels like it, and I have yet to have a successful nap during the publishing process. At least everything else is going well!
Last week pretty much entailed the cover and interior design consultation for Child of Blackwen. My design coordinator is actually from Seattle, but she was still working on east coast time like myself. During our first consultation (at 9 am...I stuffed myself with a LOT of coffee), she and I discussed how I would like the interior of the book to look like, which went rather quickly considering I already researched the samples and fonts before I purchased my publishing package. We then spoke about my ideal cover; we had to change the cover design part of my package so that she could really create what I first described to her. My original cover design portion of the publishing package entails the use of stock images, and we changed it so that we could use multiple stock images to form my "dream cover". She had me do some research on a few websites, just so I could give a better reference of what I envisioned, and she really liked what I found. She did have some images in line for our second consultation, but because the images I found during my photo research really conveyed my initial pitch of a cover, she was all for making it work. I am really excited to see what she and the rest of the design team will come up with. I should be seeing a proof of the cover sometime next week. I do get one round of changes too, in case something doesn't quite fit. If there are changes to be made, it'll take another seven business days for the cover work. After that, the cover design portion for Child of Blackwen will be complete!
I can say that the cover will indeed be epic. I love the images that I found, and I have complete confidence in my team.
We cannot start on the interior design portion of the book since my manuscript is still with the copyeditor. I was told that I should be receiving it by the 27th. I expect to see a plethora of comments and edits from my copyeditor, so my part of the proofing process will take a great deal of time too. Once that is done, I'll send them my final manuscript and they'll start working on the interior design. They'll take about two weeks to work on the interior, and I'll get one round of changes if it doesn't look good to me. If changes are to be made, it'll take them about 7 business days to complete everything. Exciting, isn't it?
On Saturday morning, I received my marketing materials from my copywriter. They set up my author bios (both short and long), the book description for the Amazon website, the back text for the book, my tagline, my keyword search, and the BISAC category. Everything they came up with was perfect. I leapt for joy when they classified Child of Blackwen as a fantasy epic. I wasn't sure if it would be considered it, and I'm glad that it is.
You guys will be in for a major treat once the publishing process ends. I kept saying before that Child of Blackwen will be out by the late fall, but from the way things are going, I can say that it is likely to be ready for sale by September. Keep the fingers crossed that everything continues to go as smoothly as it has so far! And pray for me to get some sleep!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Moving along, moving along.

((Artist Unknown))

Last week was most possibly the most exhausting one in a very long time. I spoke to my publishing consultant last Tuesday, got a great publishing package that included some sweet deals (hey, who doesn't love the idea of getting 40 free paperbacks once the process is complete?), and then realized after that that my entire publishing team works on east coast time. I think I've only seen my friends once since this all really started, considering that I've had a hard time staying up past 9:30 pm (New Mexico is in the mountain time zone, meaning I am two hours behind the time zone where I originally came from). I have to return to the routine that sort of saved me in college - sneaking in naps whenever I can. Last night I purposely stayed up late just so I could actually sleep in for once, and I woke up at 6:58 this morning. That only means one thing: my sleeping schedule is officially screwed.

It's all worth it though, don't worry. On Wednesday, I made my payment to CreateSpace (I had to call my bank to up my spending limit since I don't exactly carry nor spend that much money usually) and spent most of that day filling out questionnaires, uploading my manuscript, author photo, and other necessary documents, setting up my account for royalty payments, and other fun yet time consuming things. How I managed to be functioning that night with my friends after all that, I do not know (I did die at 10 pm though...I hid it well until I got home by 11 and snored for the entire night). I don't like sleeping and waking up "early" *sighs*.

On Thursday, my team informed me they sent my info and questionnaires to a copywriter (I made sure to include marketing in my publishing package), and said to expect their results back by seven business days. The next day, the manuscript of Child of Blackwen was sent out to a copyeditor, and that'll take at least four weeks to go through. I'll be notified if they need more time. Once the copyeditor is done, I'll have some time to look over their comments as well as their editorial letter. Exciting, isn't it? Child of Blackwen also got its ISBN numbers and LCCN assignment last week, making this more official. I'm going to be published before my 25th birthday...holy crap.

As for the cohesion edit of the remaining completed books in the Artemis Ravenwing series, Mistress of Blackwen and Champions of Arrygn, I decided to wait to begin again after I receive and go through the manuscript the copyeditor will send back. It makes more sense, really, and despite my workaholic self, I'd rather not add that much more work to my already filled plate. I think I also need to start drinking coffee again...considering the nice weather, I'll hang out at the outdoor Starbucks by the Railyard and do some cohesion editing work there. I'll perhaps bring some work to Teahouse too.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this is going to be one busy summer. I like it. :)