Monday, July 28, 2014

One part zen, one part nerves, and a dash of excitement gives you...

((Artist Unknown))
...a Melanie who is that much closer to publishing Child of Blackwen! I am finishing up the revision transfers today and I will take tomorrow and Wednesday to read through the manuscript so that there aren't any typos and whatnot. You have no idea how happy I am to be nearly done with this part of the process. I once believed that there was no end to "Constantly Editing Mel", but there is (halle-friggin'-lujah). I cannot and will not edit this manuscript any more than it already has been. I do like the changes I've made, don't get me wrong, I'm just tired now. A writer knows when enough is enough, and I've reached it for Child of Blackwen
I will make my self-imposed deadline (Thursday)! Yay!!!! It's nice to know that even after being out of college for three years now, I can still finish by (and even before) when I'm supposed to.
Once I send it back on the 31st, the interior design process will start. I am really excited for that. The process will take about four weeks, and then I'll have some time to look over their work. The interior design includes both the print and kindle version of Child of Blackwen. I'm going to take a moment and squeal now.
I'm working on a surprise for you guys too. Stay tuned!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The mother of all revisions, the Time Warp, and the hell called student loans.

((Artist Unknown))
Student loans, the bane of my existence. My Monday morning started off by scolding a Sallie Mae rep for a mistake the company made, and at least that has been resolved...for now. I truly look forward to the day I am free from them...even if I am 85 by then.
I did have some fun despite the loan depression from this weekend! Saturday night was the second annual Rocky Horror Picture Show live event at the Railyard. You bet I dressed up! I love doing so. Ever since I did the Brienne cosplay for the Game of Thrones costume contest, I've been braver about wearing costumes for everything else (I only stuck to going all out on Halloween). The nice thing about the live show this year was that there weren't very many children around (last year, the event was flooded with them). Not many of us were in costume either, which is saddening. It was still a great time though, and nothing beats sitting by the stage. Perhaps the white tutu will come out again for next year's event.
Revisions are still going, of course. Last week started what I like to call the "mother of all revisions". An extra chapter was created as well! I agreed with my copyeditor about redoing a section of the book, so I've been a busy little workaholic once I reached it. I made it a habit of sticking my writing arm in the freezer whenever I took a break or was finished for the day (I hand-write my edits when I work through a hard-copy of my manuscript), and I am sure I will be doing that this week too. There will be a guest in town this week, but I will still be sneaking in some work. I have my self-imposed deadline, after all! *winks*
Time for me to get to it. Hi-ho Sharpie, awayyyyy!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Revisions continued.

((Artist Unknown))
Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I spent it with Mom and Shadow Weaver during the day, and I watched fireworks and shot some pool with friends during the nighttime. I also went to my first ever wine festival yesterday. I got carded at most of the tents, despite having an "of age" wristband. That's what I get for having a baby face. Even with the make-up, I sometimes get asked if I'm 18 (I used to get 16, especially when my hair was ridiculously long). I know, I know...I'll appreciate those comments when I'm older. 
Yes, revisions are still going. I am starting from Chapter 10 today (I did A LOT last week). I changed things up on Saturday by going through three chapters instead of the usual two. I originally planned to do three chapters each day this week, but I remembered that some of my chapters are really long, so I decided to just go by ear during each session. I want to be done before the end of July, but I don't want to rush through the manuscript either.
My revision sessions have been interesting, to say the least. Some days were good, some lagged, and there was a day where this happened:

1 - "Ok, I can see where she's coming from. Changing that now."
2 - "What? No! There is a method to my madness, lady! Read the next couple of pages!"
3 - "I will not conform! I am unconventional! I replace your Chicago Style and input my own!"
I never worked with Chicago Manual of Style before. In college, I heard some of my friends complain about it, but I never had a class that dealt with it. A lot of things I was taught in my years of schooling was thrown out the window by my copyeditor. It's hard for me to accept it because I was taught a different method for so long, but I'm working on it. The storyline is still great to me, so I'm not worried. There are just some moments where I'm trying to calm the pet peeves I have concerning grammar, heh. The good thing about it is that when I return to my cohesion edits of Mistress of Blackwen and Champions of Arrygn, I can make it fit to the Chicago Manual of Style.
I can't wait for September. I can't wait to start writing book 4 either. I still need a title for it...*sighs* revisions first!