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"Call it magic."

September is near! I had changes to make after proofing my author copy, so I submitted those a while back. My back cover changes were already fixed, so now I'm just waiting for them to finish going through the interior so that I can proof it again. Here's my estimated timeline:

They'll need three days to go over the changes I made to the interior proof (mind you, it's not very many). Once they're done, they'll send me a newly improved interior proof for me to go through. Once I'm done with that (should take at least 3-5 days for me), it'll take about 2-3 days to get another author copy to look over. It'll take me about 4 days to get through that (unless I lock myself away, I might need less than that). If all is well, I can approve it and publish the book! And then I'll get my box of free books that was included in my publishing package. I am SO excited.

The closer these steps are to getting done, the more likely I'll get a set publishing da…

My dream is almost complete.

I am SO glad to finally be sharing the cover of my first book with you all! I love it. I love it A LOT.

There are just a few more steps left. They're sending me my complimentary author copy of CHILD OF BLACKWEN and I get to have one final review of it. I should be getting it sometime this week, next week the latest. After I'm done going through it, changes or not, we'll work on the pricing, the sales channels, and all the other goodies before book one of the Artemis Ravenwing tales will be published.


I revealed the cover on Facebook and Twitter a few days ago and the response has been phenomenal. I started keeping a tissue box at my side after reading all the heartfelt messages a lot of friends and family have sent my way. I even heard from people I hadn't spoken to in years, it's really cool. All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Once I get a definitive publish date, I shall inform you all through all the proper channel…

Next step.

Well, a next few steps actually. Dun, dun, dun.

I sent in my revised manuscript to Amazon's CreateSpace and now I am waiting for them to process it and start working on the interior design. I can't believe it is August seems like it was yesterday when I first sent in the request for the publishing package I wanted and all of these wonderful things started for me. Next month, the dream will be a reality. And then I have to save up again to repeat the process with Mistress of Blackwen.

Mistress of Blackwen is another step in the plan - the cohesion edit plan, that is. I will return to part two of the cohesion edit now that I am finished with Child of Blackwen. I am going to take a week and a half break before I do so, however. The copyedit revision for book one took a lot out of me. I am excited though! I have a lot of new things to incorporate into book 2 now. And I'm thoroughly prepared; I have a new set of Sharpie pens and I have some new tea (who doesn't…