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Adventures of late recap.

Adventure #1 - Book Party.

That's right! I had a book party! It was pretty fantastic. I was surrounded by a handful of awesome people and I maybe squealed inside while signing purchased copies of CHILD OF BLACKWEN. May I have more of these in my future!

I wouldn't mind if there were a ton of raven decorations again either...

There was a reading too. I didn't intend for one to happen, but it was pretty much asked of me to do so. It felt like my Senior Reading all over again, only with more stumbled words. I don't think anyone minded though. They all enjoyed the parts I read, which meant that I did my job of sucking people into the story (woohoo!).

Speaking of which, I've already been asked (quite forcefully by some), when would book 2, MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN, come out. I have hopes for it coming out next year, but it depends right now. Basically, tell everyone you know about CHILD OF BLACKWEN and have them buy it/review it. The more exposure I get, the more I can rea…

The next phase.

Yes, that is a poster. Yes, I might have used it as a cape for a split second. And yes, I am loving every moment of my newfound status as an author.

I love getting photos from people of them with my book (including those with their animal children). If you haven't grabbed your paperback copy yet, Amazon is selling CHILD OF BLACKWEN for $12.88 today! That is a steal! It is still $14.99 via my eStore. As for the kindle version...stay tuned for an announcement! It'll be out very soon! :)

I am now a Goodreads Author too, so if you're not friends with me already on there, go do it now! You can also become a fan (yay!). CHILD OF BLACKWEN is already listed on there, so if you're reading it, don't forget to list it! I cannot stress the importance of reviews as well! Reviews are currency for an author in the writing world, and a book's visibility is extremely important. I would greatly appreciate it!

Reviews on Amazon would be spectacular as well. Major brownie points…

Dream complete.

I think this picture says it all. I am officially a published author (before my 25th birthday in two months), and I peaked at #41 in Amazon's Hot New Releases in Epic Fantasy.


It's amazing, it really is! I've been a wave of emotions (though strangely enough, those emotions did not last for long). I've been calm throughout the rest of it, and I seriously questioned if somehow I was unfeeling because of it. But no, I am indeed capable of feeling and am just...happy. Fulfilled. Grateful. Humbled. I'm running out of feelings to describe, heh.

Amazon is currently selling CHILD OF BLACKWEN for $13.16 in paperback, so if you haven't grabbed your copy yet, please do so! Also please leave a review! Reviews help the book's visibility AND it'll help me market it to bookstores! (Please be honest with your reviews by the way, I can take it!)

You can also purchase CHILD OF BLACKWEN via my eStore! You can find the link on my "Published Works&q…


Happy September!!! I have waited for this month to come for a long while now. Not only because of the book publishing, but also because it means that Summer is ending and my favorite season, Fall, is coming. Granted, Fall means pumpkin-spiced everything to mostly everyone in the world, but I think of cider first. I then think of foliage, a crisp morning air, Halloween, and my birthday in November. Yup, I love the promise of Autumn.

So here are some CHILD OF BLACKWEN updates:

I went through the interior proof changes on Friday and approved them. I am now waiting for that service to finalize, and then I'll be sent another paperback to go through. By the end of this week, I will have a pub date for book one! Yay!!!!

The print will be available before the kindle version. I will certainly keep you updated about when the kindle book will be available. It's technically considered two services, and it's easier to edit the print version than the kindle one, so they're waiting…