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M.O.B Edits and Comic Con!

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I am still reeling from the most exciting of weekends! But more on one particular event later.

MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN edits are going well! I will be starting from Chapter 20 today. I will be finished with the first run of edits this week and then I shall go over it all again just to make sure that everything is indeed going the way I want it to. Once I'm through with that, I will transfer all the hard-copy edits to the electronic version. Afterwards, it'll be off to the readers! Meanwhile, I am saving up for its publishing.

Fun Fact #1: any money I make from CHILD OF BLACKWEN, whether it is from the paperback edition or the Kindle version, will go to book two of the Artemis Ravenwing novel's funding. Fun Fact #2: leaving a review helps me sell the book to marketing sites, which will help my exposure AND future funding. In other words, support your authors! :)

I am still collecting photos of readers of CHILD OF BLACKWEN. If you would l…

Work, prep, work, prep.

I love October. I can't say that enough. That is my attempt at carving Link from Legend of Zelda into a pumpkin (not bad, hmm?). My friend did a sweet carving of Batman, Batgirl, and Robin for her pumpkin. We might carve some more before Halloween, we shall see...

CHILD OF BLACKWEN went through an Amazon promotion last week; for five days, the Kindle version was free! It did really well too, it found 731 new homes. An audience is important, especially for a newbie self-published author. I am pleased that CHILD OF BLACKWEN's free promotion took off the way it did. For a while, I was in the top 10 in the Top 100 Free Kindles in Epic Fantasy. I had a minor stint in Top 100 Free Young Adult Kindles as well. The hope now is that this helped bring in future fans.

Even though CHILD OF BLACKWEN is no longer free, you can now buy the Kindle version for $3.99! As always, happy reading!

Speaking of which, I really should go back to my own reading list. I snagged a bunch of free Kindles …

The busy bee.

Two more days until the special Kindle deal for CHILD OF BLACKWEN! It will be free from the 15th through the 19th. If you prefer the paperback, there are still plenty left to buy directly from me (or you can buy via Amazon). Did you tell your friends yet? :) In the meantime, I am working on my media kit. I have some bios I need to work on, scope out some places where I can send the book to be reviewed (all of yours would be greatly appreciated too!), and take more notes on websites that could market my book. Right now I am testing the waters and seeing what does and does not work. I will try my hand at one website I recently signed up on and will see how that goes. Some other particularly helpful things will have to wait until the next CHILD OF BLACKWEN Amazon promotion, but that's fine. I believe the upcoming promotion will still help the exposure of my novel. I started editing MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN, volume 2 of the Artemis Ravenwing novels last week, and will start up from Chapt…

Here we go.

This is technically an old picture. By old, I mean that I took it back in April. I attempted to start editing MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN at the time (apparently I did a lot more than I thought) as a part of my cohesion edit, and then I chose not to. This was a month before I sent out CHILD OF BLACKWEN to be published and decided that once all of that was done, I would give my attention to book 2 of the Artemis Ravenwing novels. Today is that day.

And it feels good!!! I enjoy the writing and revision part, especially now that there is so much more to revise after how the copyedits for book 1 went.

Marketing book one has been stressful, but we're doing what we can. I really can't stress enough how important reviews are! Some marketing outlets need a handful of reviews in order to consider showing off the book to their subscribers. So please review when you can! Be honest in them! Thank you! :)

By the way, I am still collecting pictures of readers (both human and animal) with CHILD OF…