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Busy, busy.

(Disclaimer: I do not claim all of the artwork as my own!)

Happy Monday everyone!

I shall start with the news about SACRED SISTERS! I still have not been writing each day, but I did end last week with a total of 8,283 words. The first draft for book four of the Artemis Ravenwing novels now sits at 23,286 words and 60 pages. Yes, this is with 1.5 spacing. I double-space the draft once I feel it is finished enough before showing it to my readers. Otherwise I feel like I'm cheating.

This process has had its fun moments as well as slow ones. I started off without feeling any pressure and now I feel it each time I have the document open on my computer screen. After the first three novels though, I know that everything will turn out great in the end. I do edit like a madwoman, after all. Plus, I really do have some awesome and helpful readers.

Speaking of which, I did get one set of MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN drafts back from a reader a while ago! I'm still waiting on my last two readers …

My response to the biggest demon of my life.

My name is Melanie Rodriguez. I am 25 years old; a proud biracial child of Poland and Puerto Rico. I am a published author, a dream I've had for most of my life. I am an avid reader, a sports nut, a cosplayer/shape-shifter, a major nerd, and a lover of animals.

I am also human. This is something I once struggled to admit to myself, for I always believed that I must have a strong shell to the world; no one was to see the true me. The times of naievete I had and showed the bits and pieces of the real Melanie in my youth, I experienced only pain. No matter how old one can be, mistakes will always follow. I am not so naive now. I had a dark incident happen to me at 11 years old; I'm still not ready to tell the world about this, but I can assure you that I have moved past it. I mention it nonetheless because in essence, it shaped how I've dealt with the situation I am about to share with you.

I went to high school in Hoboken, NJ. Once a redwing, always a redwing, yes? I was the…

Back to work.

(Source: Writers Write)
Back to work indeed! Being Tauriel for a day at Albuquerque Comic Con was really fun, but now I need to go back to being productive on SACRED SISTERS. I probably say this each time I write new books, but it is true: it feels so great to be writing again. I wrote a total of 6,695 words last week, and no, I did not write every day (for shame, I know). The closer the weekend got, the more excited I was for cosplay and becoming a bookmark fairy! I didn't get to hand out as many as I wanted to, but that's quite fine. That just means more for you guys to nab from my Square Market! They'll also be autographed, so don't miss out! You can reach my market here: I also have seven autographed paperbacks of CHILD OF BLACKWEN left there too. :)

When I did write new material for SACRED SISTERS last week, I had a gut feeling that this novel is going to be big. By big, I mean possibly 200,000+ words rather th…

Albuquerque Comic Con!

I spent my day yesterday at Albuquerque Comic Con! A different vibe from the Santa Fe Comic Con, but I had some fun nonetheless. I was also the only Tauriel in attendance (which was a successful cosplay, mind you)! Amazing, right? Some CHILD OF BLACKWEN bookmarks found new homes, I met a few celebs, ran into familiar cosplayers from the Santa Fe Comic Con and met some new ones. How long must I wait until the next con? :)

I didn't get to take as many pictures as last time sadly, but please enjoy what I do have!

Big week!

Yes, I should be! SACRED SISTERS, book 4 of the Artemis Ravenwing novels, starts this week! Who's excited?

I spent the time last week to read through CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN, which is book 3 of the series. I needed to remember some of the old ideas that weren't written down. It was hard not to edit while doing so, I can't continue the extensive cohesion edit yet. Then why write book 4, you ask? Because a year of not writing a brand new book is torture. Granted, it was great to finally publish CHILD OF BLACKWEN and re-edit MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN, but it's time to get crackin' in the major creation department again.

The marketing work never ends, however. And last week, these beauties came in:

We officially have bookmarks! I will be handing them out during the Albuquerque Comic Con this coming weekend (Come find me if you're there! I will be dressed as Tauriel from The Hobbit movies!). Whatever is left over, I will be selling via my Square Market. Stay tuned for more …