Escapes, retreats, and reminders.

I've become terrible at blogging. I'm sorry, dear readers.

Last week on my days off from Dillard's, I escaped to a cabin in Red River, NM. It was the best few days I've had in a very long time. The locals consisted of deer, geese, ducks, and of course, my beloved ravens. The view reminded me of the days I lived in Lyman Hall back in Green Mountain College (in Vermont, for those who don't know); I had my desk in the dorm situated against the window so I could look out while working. The greatest part though? Feeling CONNECTED. All the stress of job number two disappeared and I just felt the link to the natural world again (for new readers or the puzzled ones, I am a spiritualist!). Gods, I couldn't believe how blocked I really was! I mean, that's another reason why I moved out to New Mexico in the first place, to be connected and have peace. Sadly, one has to be an adult and take care of the unwanted responsibilities. Believe me when I say I cannot wait until I can just sit at home with stability and only write as my job again.

And don't get me started about explaining to people yet again that writing is in fact, a JOB. And my first one at that. As a certain "ghoul" back in St. Augustine once said, "unbelievers, be DOOMED!!!"

As I said once before though, job #2 has had its benefits. Met some cool new people, the school loans are being taken care of thanks to it, and I have funding money for book publishing and marketing, Comic Con costumes and future book booths! California and New York are on my list of Comic Cons to check out as well for marketing and book cosplay fun. :) I mean, even the Artemis Ravenwing cosplay for Denver Comic Con next month is coming out SO AWESOME, oh my gosh. If I have to keep going through numerous second jobs until one finally understands that those trips are actual work trips rather than "vacations", then so be it. I mean, that is why I apply for "part-time" jobs in the first place. I'm just there to do what needs to be done, smile, and collect the money that goes to the furthering of my career. My ambition lies in being a successful author and it always will be.

Basically, I want people to stop imagining me as some corporate boss, manager, or some other type of leader in the workplace. I know I'm capable of it; I've been told that since freshman year of high school (I was the annoying know-it-all, believe it or not). If I wanted that, I'd have gone to business school rather than GMC and gotten those titles ages ago. Sorry, not sorry, but that's not my world. I just work in it for now to get by. And hey, self-publishing is management enough! XD

Anyways, back to happier things. Thanks to the trip to Red River, I was clear of mind and free to really work on SHADOW WALKER. I left the retreat with 10,304 words! Gods, that felt so good. There were moments while writing that I thought to myself, "Jeebus, this book has a lot of evil in it!" and then I remembered that this book always had that vibe even when I first conceived the storyline back in college. I always loved dark fantasy as well, so for those who enjoy it like I do, this series is for you! And hey, nothing wrong with having multiple audiences in the fantasy genre, right?

I'll be returning back to that world today. I also need to get back to my reading list! I owe a few authors some reviews.

On a final note, I ordered more CHILD OF BLACKWEN paperbacks! They'll be back on my Square Market before April is over. Keep an eye out for updates!

So now that I'm off, happy reading and enjoy the beautiful day! :)


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