Ambitious stubborn masochist.

Yup, that's me.

This is probably the longest I have gone without updating here and I feel a bit ashamed. Time did get away from me. The side job took a lot away from me too.

Speaking of which, I no longer have the side job. Long story short, I ultimately had to decide to choose between uncontrolled chaos and peace...and sorry, but the career will always win. The kitsune tattoo on my wrist painting the kanji for "dream" serves as a reminder to never forget what is really important and the dream to have writing be the sole job is pretty much what I live for. I regret nothing.

I am looking for another side job though, one that really won't interfere so much. And truth be told, I do miss a ton of people from my former job.

I also need the side job to help me with my Comic Con adventures (and the dreaded school loans, ugh). I still want that book booth next year. Plus I truly enjoy dressing up as my favorite characters, whether I've created them or not. I'm nearly done with the prep for Santa Fe Comic Con in October! There's a little bit of tweaking left to do on my fem Alucard cosplay and I also need to acquire a certain prop for him. Artemis Ravenwing will be back out too! The only difference will be the sai this time; I'll be using the leafy "jeweled" ones. I do have to patch up the first set from when I used them at Denver Comic Con, but I'm in no terrible rush at the moment. I'm also more ahead of my fem Yoko Kurama cosplay for next year than I expected, so that's exciting. Just some tweaking on the outfit, the acquisition of the silver wig, and the creation of the tail. Have to get some shoes too for the wonderful spirit fox, but that's not going to be very hard. In the meantime, enjoy a teaser of my fem Alucard:

For those who don't know, I used to dye my hair black. I did that A LOT. As much as I enjoy my natural blonde, there are days where I think about the raven locks. Yay for wigs to help squash the urges to go back. XD

In other news, I've been working like a madwoman on my end-of-August deadline for the publishing of MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN! Out in December, by the way. A more definitive date will be announced as the publishing process goes on. I'm still in phase one of my deadline work, but I foresee it being done by mid next week (yay for extra free time!). And I am getting my author photo taken today too! Maybe some ravens will sneak in them. It'd be appropriate, no? :) Then after all of that, I have to reformat the manuscript to mirror the first novel (CHILD OF BLACKWEN to you newcomers!) while inputting my dedication and acknowledgement pages. I had this dedication planned for a long time like the one from book one. I think the smiles will continue. :)

I also discovered something fantastic that can happen in December after I publish book two of the Artemis Ravenwing novels, but I cannot elaborate on it just yet. Yay suspense!

There's some plans to make bookmarks for book two as well. One thing at a time, I know. I have SO many plans...

Besides doing my usual bit of writing, editing and marketing, I decided that I'll be posting my book reviews on here too. I usually just do so on Amazon and Goodreads, but I think one more outlet to help my fellow indie authors would be awesome. Here's to #indielove!
Now, it's time to work. Updates soon!


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