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Darkness Echoes - My Review.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Darkness Echoes was a great Halloween anthology by six authors who each brought a great tale to the table. Having read some of these authors' work before, I was pretty excited to see some new installments of theirs. It's hard to choose a favorite, so I won't. I even enjoyed the fact that several of the stories were a part of the said authors' original universe. Overall, very enjoyable.

Extra note:

It's a little hard to write six individual reviews for the anthology when I don't have many comments to make. But I really can promise an enjoyable adventure when picking this book up. If you've read any of their works before, you would be happy to return to some of their worlds. Also, here are some Facebook links to the authors if you want to follow their own adventures:

Chess Desalls
CK Dawn
DB Nielsen
Kelly Hall
L.A. Starkey
D.E.L Connor

Have a happy and safe holidays, everyone! When I have more reviews to write, you will definitel…

The Kiss That Killed Me - My Review

Hey all! I'm back to posting reviews here on my blog too. I've been all over the place promoting my second novel and surviving retail, but here's one of two reviews I've recently posted both on Amazon and Goodreads!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Lovers of mermaid fantasy tales, here's one for you guys!

Callie Pierce, just turning 18, deals with her awful stepfather while her mother does nothing. Her only solace is her little sister and the idea of going away to college. As her friends throw her a rather unwanted birthday party at a beach house, Callie stumbles onto the mysterious Orion, someone she felt a pull to right away. But once a kiss between them is shared, her world changes forever...the kiss that killed her.

Kristy Nicolle has some very well-developed characters and their interactions are seemingly real. From the modern day Callie to the old gentleman soul Orion, even to the fallen Azure, you cannot help but keep reading and follow their adventu…

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