Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Now that it's over...

(Disclaimer: I do not claim the artwork as my own!)

It's back to work! Well, back to job number one, the writing career. :) I mentioned back on my Facebook author page that I felt disconnected from book four, SACRED SISTERS, ever since I started job number two. So I printed out what I had so far and edited with my trusty red Sharpie pen. I finished transferring everything on Monday, yay! The first draft of SACRED SISTERS now sits at 32,528 words and 84 pages. I'll get back to writing once I get my set of days off from job number two (I pray that the days off continue to be in a row...I feel less burned out that way and can actually get a lot more work done).

Yes, I miss the freedom I once had. I hate not having so much time to write again, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Blame my school loans. Writing is still my career and I will not have job number two take away from it. It's funny when people learn that you have no desire for advancement in the side job and it's even funnier when they realize that you're actually 25 years old with your career set already. My path is a hard one, but it will stabilize in time. I just need a few more books out there and I can make it work a hell of a lot better. But of course, I need help from you readers too. Sharing my work is currency for me and reviews really help others decide if they want to read my book or not. Even if it is just a summary of my work, I know you still read it (star ratings with those reviews really help). I will say that if you still enjoyed my work in the end, that makes me happy too.

Speaking of which, CHILD OF BLACKWEN had a free kindle period on Amazon this past weekend! My novel found 166 new homes, and I even peaked at #33 on Amazon's Top 100 Free Kindles for Epic Fantasy. Any exposure is good exposure, and I hope everyone who downloaded from this free period enjoys it! Again, reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are always appreciated. Once I reach 25 reviews on Amazon, I will have an autographed paperback book giveaway! They'll even have those spiffy bookmarks I've been selling on my Square Market.

I've also been slower on the reading and reviewing time of my life. I have been mixing reads from my list and from the Indie Book Club you can find on Goodreads; the reviews will get done when I can do it, I promise my fellow indie authors!

As for the cosplay front, the ideas for Artemis Ravenwing are definitely coming along. My bracers for her came in, but there are some major adjustments that need to be made to them. Still no pictures yet, sorry, but they WILL come! There'll be lots of sewing in my future, that's for sure. Of course, writing comes first. Break time will consist of crafting. ;) Gosh, is it May yet? Denver Comic Con cannot come soon enough. For those of you who will be attending it, come find me in those three days! I have lots of bookmarks to hand out! I'll even keep the silver Sharpie handy.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Free! Free! Free!

"Orphaned as an infant, the dhampir Artemis lives among the elves—until the shocking truth about her mother’s death draws her into the battle over the throne of Blackwen City."

CHILD OF BLACKWEN is F-R-E-E on the kindle today through the 15th! Grab your copy now! As always, reviews on Amazon and Goodreads would be greatly appreciated. Perfect for your fantasy lover friends, particularly those who enjoy young adult novels. Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, you can send it as a gift too!

Happy reading! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


(Disclaimer: I do not claim the artwork as my own!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Changes have been happening for me lately. One major change has been the pick up of a part time job! This will help build my book publishing funds (MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN may get published this year after all!), including the investment of book booths for future Comic Cons. I am really, REALLY excited for when I'll cosplay Artemis Ravenwing for Denver Comic Con in May.  And Sheena. And Link (again).

Don't worry: writing is still considered my first job, my career. Unfortunately, I have not been able to contribute much to the creation of SACRED SISTERS lately, but once I finally have a routine down with job #2, I will be writing a ton again. I'll most likely escape for the days off I'd get and take my notebooks, Sharpies, iPod and the trusty ol' laptop to give this series the attention it deserves. After all, a Mel who can't write is a depressed Mel. Plus, I don't want to make you guys wait so long for the rest of the Artemis Ravenwing novels to come out.

The same goes for reading/reviewing. I'm not reading as much as I'd like to either, but I'll still give a review for a book once I can.

With that said, I have a special kindle promotion for CHILD OF BLACKWEN coming up on Amazon! Running from February 13th-15th, the kindle version of CHILD OF BLACKWEN will be free! Yup, F-R-E-E! Please share the news with your friends who love fantasy novels, YA especially. And don't forget to leave this gal a review, good or bad! Once I reach 25 reivews on Amazon, I'll then be hosting a book giveaway.

I'll be posting reminders of the special deal, of course, but in the meantime, please check out the events made for it via Facebook and Goodreads!

Facebook Kindle Event:
Goodreads Kindle Event:

RSVP, mark your calenders, invite your whatever works for you! As always, I thank you. :)