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Crafting, reading and writing = a happy Mel.

(Disclaimer: I do not claim the artwork as my own!)

Fun fact: I drew a picture like this without the key for my art class in high school. Came out pretty well, amazingly enough, hand and all!

I do miss drawing though. Should bring that back during one of my crafty days.

I've made some progress on my reading list! I even started reading two books at a time, just like I used to. One of these days, I need to go back to hanging out in the park with my kindle. It's been so beautiful outside lately! I get both sad and jealous when I'm stuck in Dillard's while everyone else is out enjoying the weather.

I'm actually returning to SHADOW WALKER today - kept penning (and mentally filing away) ideas for it during last week. I'm playing around with the idea of more mystical races within the storyline, but not too many. The last thing I want is for the novel to feel cluttered. I originally only had three: humans, angels and vampires. I'm thinking my initial idea of add…

New plan!

(Disclaimer: I do not claim the artwork as my own!)
I promised details about the new plan, did I not? I'm here to deliver!
I decided to stop writing SACRED SISTERS. No, it is not indefinite. I am stopping because I keep getting ideas for it that would require me to rework CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN (book three of the Artemis Ravenwing novels) and I can't completely re-edit book three until I have published MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN. So, the series is on hold...for now. As for the two readers who still have the drafts I sent them some time ago, get cracking! Now! I need them back before May (please!).
Which brings me to the news concerning MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN. I really want to have it published before the year is over. After my trip to Denver in May (hence why I need the readers to send it back to me by then), I'm going to be reevaluating my financial situation and will be able to pinpoint just when book two will come out. More details on that once I get them!
In the meantime, I am …

She's alive!!!

(Disclaimer: I am not claiming the artwork as my own!)

Indeed, I am!

I'm truly sorry for disappearing for a while. I had just gotten used to the new routine of jobs and then it went awry this week. Yes, I am a stickler for routine; things get done when I have one and it is not disrupted. Luckily for me, next week is supposed to return to the schedule I am used to. Plus, it is the perfect time to implement the plan I had concerning the writing career. After all, a Mel who reads and writes is a happy Mel. :)

I started up my reading list again, thankfully. I have one of the double reads of the Indie Book Club I need to get to after I finish my current read (I already finished the other book chosen for it a while back). If you haven't joined up already, go to Goodreads and do it! You'd be helping out a handful of us indie authors!

Speaking of reviews, I'm still sitting at 17 on Amazon. Once the magic 25 happens, I'll give away two autographed paperbacks! Spiffy bookma…