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Escapes, retreats, and reminders.

I've become terrible at blogging. I'm sorry, dear readers.

Last week on my days off from Dillard's, I escaped to a cabin in Red River, NM. It was the best few days I've had in a very long time. The locals consisted of deer, geese, ducks, and of course, my beloved ravens. The view reminded me of the days I lived in Lyman Hall back in Green Mountain College (in Vermont, for those who don't know); I had my desk in the dorm situated against the window so I could look out while working. The greatest part though? Feeling CONNECTED. All the stress of job number two disappeared and I just felt the link to the natural world again (for new readers or the puzzled ones, I am a spiritualist!). Gods, I couldn't believe how blocked I really was! I mean, that's another reason why I moved out to New Mexico in the first place, to be connected and have peace. Sadly, one has to be an adult and take care of the unwanted responsibilities. Believe me when I say I cannot wait unt…