Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Denver Comic Con aftermath.

What a con!!! I had such a blast at Denver Comic Con. Thank you to all who took pics of and with me, thank you to the fellow indie authors and artists I've met and gained some awesome advice from, thank you to the celebs I've encountered, hugged, and chatted with, and thank you to my friend, Eibhlin, who shared this entire event with me! I promised pictures too, didn't I? Without further ado, here they are!

Day One; Cosplay as Artemis Ravenwing from my CHILD OF BLACKWEN novel:

Fellow indie author, A.R. Wise! You can check out his blog here:
You can also find his Facebook page here:

Beautiful photo taken by Mark Benfer Photography! Also the winner of my CHILD OF BLACKWEN giveaway. Check out the Facebook page here:
Fellow ghoulish ladies whom I had a fun time with while waiting to take a pic alongside Gwendoline Christie. :)
I MET GWENDOLINE IN PERSON!!! She is so wonderful.
Day one stash!

Day Two; Cosplay as Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia:

LOVE this pic of Vic Mignogna and myself.
Fellow NM cosplayers! These ladies are always super fun and creative. Follow their pages here: and
Day two stash!

Day Three; Cosplay as Link from Legend of Zelda:

Thank you internet for this particular picture! :)
A wonderful Mulan! Follow the cosplay page here:
Animaniacs panel!

Even with the unfortunate death of my camera, the iPhone one came in SUPER handy. I wish the event didn't end...truly a great time. But now it is back to work (both jobs, really), and I have a lot to do to ensure that MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN publishes before the year is over. I have a renewed spirit, especially after being reminded about what truly matters to me. It was time the old, writing obsessed Mel returned.

"Do what brings you the most joy. It's never about being famous or making the most money; there's just no point if you're miserable in the end."

I almost teared up in that panel when I heard those words. Being an author WILL be my only job someday. I don't care how long it will take, because it is going to happen. I love that world too much to let anything else take that away from me. I've come too far. My faith is back. Thank you, Denver. <3

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Going to Denver Comic Con this weekend?

Then this will interest you! Denver Comic Con starts this Saturday. And with that comes a special event by yours truly.

By special event, I mean GIVEAWAY! One autographed paperback of CHILD OF BLACKWEN will be up for grabs for Denver Comic Con attendees!


1. You must "Like" my Facebook Author page. You can find the link to it on the sidebar of this blog. Also, I will be handing out CHILD OF BLACKWEN bookmarks at the Comic Con and a link to the page can be found on the back of it. :)
2. You must upload a pic of or with me as Artemis Ravenwing on my Facebook Author page with ‪#‎ChildofBlackwen‬ somewhere in the caption - I will be dressed as her all day Saturday. :) 
3. You can gain an extra entry into the giveaway if you upload a pic of or with me as the book character with #ChildofBlackwen in the caption on Twitter. You can find the link to my Twitter account also on the sidebar of this blog.
4. Entries will be collected until Tuesday night, 5/26. A winner will be selected and contacted on Wednesday. They will have 24 hours to respond back; a new winner will be selected if there is no response.

Good luck and hope to see many of you at Denver Comic Con! I'm so happy it's almost here!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

News and excitement all around!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence from here. Life has gotten far more busy for my taste. Even so, I bring you news and updates!

The first concerns details about a Comic Con. I do not refer to the Denver Comic Con (a trip that is eight days away!), but to Mersey Comic Con! Unfamiliar? That's because this event happens to be at the UK. A fellow indie author by the name of Jason Pinnington is running a booth over there. If you're in the area, you should stop by and pick up a certain bookmark yours truly has sent over there. That's right! CHILD OF BLACKWEN bookmarks will be at his booth! You can also find other goodies there from other fellow indie authors like Chess Desalls, as well as authors involved in the #IndieBooksBeSeen movement. For more information about the booth at Mersey Comic Con, go here:

On that day, May 30th, CHILD OF BLACKWEN will be free on the kindle. Yup, I said FREE! Whether you'll be at Mersey Comic Con or not, this is a fun chance to snag a copy of my novel (other indie novels will be free for that day too!). As always, reviews are appreciated! Once I have 25 Amazon reviews, I will host a giveaway where two autographed paperbacks of CHILD OF BLACKWEN (complete with bookmarks) will be up for grabs.

Also, if you would like a bookmark, you can find them here at my Square Market: An FYI however! If you purchase an autographed copy of my novel (of which the price INCLUDES the shipping, by the way), you will get a bookmark with it! A pretty good deal in my book, wouldn't you say?

You can also get a CHILD OF BLACKWEN bookmark if you attend the Denver Comic Con and find me! I will be there through the entire event, after-party included. I will be dressed up as Artemis Ravenwing on Saturday, Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia on Sunday, and my Link cosplay will be making a return (along with a mini Navi clip I made) on Monday. I hope to find you there! :)

And yes, I will post pictures from Denver Comic Con on here as well as my personal and author Facebook page. Don't have the author Facebook page? I have a link to it on the side panel of the blog. Check it out, give me a like, and enjoy the fun postings!

As for SHADOW WALKER, I've stopped due to distractions of excitement. Plus, I have a lot more work shifts to complete at job number two before Denver Comic Con. Who says one needs sleep? I will return to it after my trip, though I may or may not pack away a notebook and a Sharpie pen...

And now, off to work!