Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Special Event News!

Hey everyone! CHILD OF BLACKWEN will be turning 1 in September! ONE!!! Time has gone by fast, oh my. In honor of this occasion, I am hosting an online event via Facebook! There will be games, a Q&A, and giveaways for awesome prizes. Here's the link:


Check it out, join, and pop in even for a minute just to say hello! Sharing would also be greatly appreciated. <3

I'm making it also that the kindle version of CHILD OF BLACKWEN will be 99 cents from September 5th through the 10th. And I will have a Goodreads giveaway as a part of this celebration. If you take a look at the sidebar to the right, you will see a widget just for that! It hasn't been approved yet, though. I shall let you know once the giveaway is up and running.

Hope to see you all there! I'll even be talking about MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN a bit too. ^_^


My Goodreads giveaway was approved! Here's the link:


The giveaway officially starts tomorrow, so check in once you wake up (or if you're a night owl, you can wait until midnight) and sign up! Please share if you can too! <3

Friday, August 14, 2015

Chugging along!

(I do not claim the artwork as my own!)

It hasn't fully hit me yet, the excitement of MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN currently in the publishing process. Bits and pieces of it have come and gone; my mindset will change the moment I have the physical proof in my hands.

So here's some updates, woo!

MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN has its ISBN number and LCCN assignment. This time around, I have actual dates to give you guys on when I'm expecting to receive some goodies for book two of the Artemis Ravenwing novels! On September 8th, I will get back my editorial letter and edited manuscript from the copyeditor. On August 20th, I will not only get the first set of cover concepts for the book from my graphic designers, but also the essential marketing bits from my copywriter! I can't wait.

The process differed a bit than the last time, I will admit. Last year, I actually spoke to my graphic designer concerning CHILD OF BLACKWEN's cover. I also had a major hand in the image selection. This time, the process was more internet interactive. I did need to add on another cover service (pretty much like for the first book), but even I shall be held in the dark on what they will present to me. I gave them two major ideas involving Artemis and one other character (sorry for the tease, but that's all I can give you right now), so we shall see how they tackle it.

As for the overall design of the book, the trim size will be just like the first novel. The matte finish is the same, and the font for the inside will also be the same (the sizing may differ, but I am working on it). The fleuron and accent font for the chapter titles are different. I chose the options that were at least close to the ones from the first book. It will still be pretty, I promise. ^_^

More updates shall be delivered as soon as I can give them! In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful sight. I know I do.


As for everything else, I have taken a step back from my cosplay plans until my wallet will stop spitting moths at me the moment I open it. I am closing in on some special things though, so the pauper days will soon be over. And hey, I really am enjoying all this freedom. I've been immersed in nature outings, free time with my dog and my mom, catching up with friends, TONS of baseball watching, and even returned to my old companion, the Playstation 2 (I'm old fashioned, can't help it). I'm still relatively close to being done for the cosplays specific for Santa Fe Comic Con in October, so no stress here for this gal about it. I will eventually return to my "to review" list as well. Just needed a break from it. 

Off I go. Happy adventures and a safe weekend to you all!