Scroll: Keepers of Genesis II - My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


Light. Dark.

Sage Woods. Saffron Woods. Seventeen year old twin girls, two sides of a coin. In SEED, we learn about Sage being a "Wise One", but twists and turns within SCROLL reveal that not is all as it seems.

Book two is written in Saffron's POV, and the tone of the novel is far more dark than the first. But that is precisely why I love it. While Sage is the bookworm, Saffron is the common teen with the need to prove herself while enjoying the wild bits of life. Minus the often placed modern life references, I enjoyed Saffron's struggle between the dark pull to Finn and the intrigued light pull to Gabriel. And who could not enjoy the history and mythology placed within the series? Besides the dark tone, that is what is greatly enjoyable in this series to me. I look forward to book three.

If you would like to follow D.B. Nielsen's adventures, go here! Enjoy.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review but even more for your support. So extremely happy you liked the novel xx

  2. You're very welcome!!! It was a pleasure. I look forward to your next installment, I really do! :D


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