2016 Summer Indie Book Awards! And other news.

CHILD OF BLACKWEN and MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN were nominated to compete in the Fantasy genre for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards! It's a really great honor. I thank those who nominated the Artemis Ravenwing novels, it just reminds me that there's a lot of you who are really enjoying my work. It's the best feeling in the world. ^_^ 

Here's some more information about how you can vote for my novels starting September 1st:

"Readers can vote in any and all genres, and they can choose multiple books in a genre as long as they mark ALL those choices BEFORE they click the vote button. Poll Maker will limit voters to a single visit to each genre per day. Voting begins September 1 and ends at midnight the morning of September 11. This is a one-time deal; the top three books in each genre will be declared the winners!"

To follow the Summer Indie Book Awards more closely, voting and all, visit the Facebook page here and the website here. Please tell your friends and vote, vote, VOTE! There's a lot of great authors listed, please check it out and support your indie authors. We love you readers!

To add both CHILD OF BLACKWEN and MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN to your bookshelf, whether it is via paperback or digitally, book one is here and book two is here. Don't forget about SPELLBOUND either! Also, not only am I working CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN, book three of the Artemis Ravenwing novels, but I am also starting on the first of many prequels, DAUGHTERS OF BLACKWEN, which features both Tamina and Arlina Ravenwing. Time to show just how the two sisters followed the paths they did. I'm really excited. I hope you all are as well.

If you would like the full prologue of CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN, I just need one more Amazon review for MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN (we're sitting at nine!). The moment that happens, I shall post it! All I can say is that it features the enigmatic raven, Eclipse, that was featured in the epilogue of book two.

“Time to start some chaos, Lady Ravenwing.” - Eclipse

Eclipse has been one of my favorite POVs that I've ever worked on. I don't know when book three will reach publication yet, but when it does, you'll all see why I enjoy him so.

September 1st proves to be a busy day for the author me, as I will also find out if both CHILD OF BLACKWEN and MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN made it through the prelims of the book contest hosted by Readers' Favorite. I submitted them both for the Fantasy genre and MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN already has the 5 star seal provided by Readers' Favorite. I am nervous and thrilled and no matter what happens, I'm still going to be proud of myself. Slowly but surely, my work is being recognized. That's all I could ever ask for.

On a final note, I have MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN bookmarks now! Other merch is coming, yay. October and Santa Fe Comic Con will be here before I know it. There's nothing more fun than meshing my love of cosplay and my love of writing together and then sharing it with you all. I'm playing around with a new look for Artemis Ravenwing just for the occasion. As always, there'll be pictures.

Happy reading, everyone! And don't forget to spread the news and VOTE! We indie authors appreciate you!


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