This is Me by C.E. Wilson - My Review.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

C.E. Wilson presents us readers with a new novel blending sci-fi and romance. We are introduced to Chloe, a singer looking to find her big break and trying to move past the substitute teacher status. In exchange for a semi-independent life from her parents and be able to live in the city, they buy her an Asist: an Anthropomorphic Sentient Individualized Servile uniT. They are the "trend" in her world: customized to the desire of the user and programmed with what is deemed "necessary."

Enter Rogan: Chloe's Asist who fulfills her every need. Even with the look she wanted him to have, down to the exact placement of the piercings and tattoos, the only factor that snaps her out of the fantasy is the dead green eyes that greets her at every command.

...until one day Rogan disobeys her. A spark of life is spotted within those normally blank green eyes. And it has happened more the day Niven Adams entered Chloe's life. Is it possible for a robot to have the semblance of a soul?

C.E. Wilson brings out many themes into the novel that is so prevalent in our world today: societal pressures and prejudice being the main two. While it is common in Chloe's world to have humans loving their Asists and having very public relationships with them, there are those who feel that Asists shouldn't exist at all, Niven being one of them. Chloe's mindset struggles thanks to Niven and her fellow teaching friend who thinks she needs to have a normal human life, especially if she wants that full-time job as a music teacher (which interestingly enough, is competing against Niven for!). But she also meets another fellow substitute teacher who is more like her than she knows, and the struggles deepen.

What I've appreciated the most is that Wilson shows that there are more humans in the world who are truly dead inside compared to the Asists who are more human than they are given credit for. Definitely another fun novel to add to the bookshelf.

Extra Note:

If you would like to follow C.E. Wilson's adventures, go here! THIS IS ME will be released tomorrow for 99 cents. If you would like your copy as soon as it is out, click that mouse here. Happy reading!


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