10 Reviews! Prologue of Book Three!


Thank you so much to those that reviewed. Every little bit helps, it truly does. As promised, I have the prologue of CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN here for you all! Please enjoy the start of book three of the Artemis Ravenwing novels. ^_^


            It was cool and moist in the antechamber of Eolande, the realm of the goddesses. The clatter of footsteps echoed along the narrow white marble walls. A man with long, black hair and silver eyes stopped at the sight of the carved statues before him in the main chamber. Strange calligraphy was etched into the pale skin of his lithe body, with the exception of the face and neck. He wore elegant black robes that shone a deep shade of blue within the moonlight, and silver crescent moon-shaped earrings dangled from his earlobes.
            He couldn’t help but frown at the sight of the statues. There were five in total—four of which were men, and in the center stood a woman. Each held a unique sword in their grasp, each with different markings carved within the blade. The sword the woman held had the markings that matched that of the man’s that stood before her.
            For as long as the man could remember, he would visit the chamber each night. He cared not for the sight of the four male statues composed of two elves, a vampire, and the final a possible human that stood behind the woman, who was revealed to also be a vampire. He never met her, he did not know if she would ever exist, but if she did…she would be his. She would belong to him, and all that he dreamed of would finally come into fruition.
            “I thought you would be here, raven. You’re growing ever so predictable.”
            The man’s irritation rose as he turned to face his companion. He was joined by another man, only he had long hair the shade of glowing embers within a flame. His tanned skin popped against the golden arm bands with engravings of the sun, and he was of a slightly bigger build. He had markings etched into his skin that matched the blade held by the male vampire statue to the right of the lone female one. Vermillion eyes flashed amusement when he was met with a sudden glare.
            “Why are you here, Alyc?” the silver-eyed man demanded. “Shouldn’t you be out stalking vixens?”
            Alyc laughed as he joined his companion’s side. “How like you, Eclipse, to make terrible jests concerning my true form.”
            “Leave, fox!” Eclipse barked. “I wish to be alone.”
            “You always do,” Alyc said, as he let out a dramatic sigh. He watched how Eclipse stared at the woman. “It’s just a statue, raven. Why are you so intrigued by something that does not even breathe?”
            “It is no concern of yours,” Eclipse answered. Alyc huffed and turned to leave. “Wait. I apologize for the harsh tone.”
            Alyc stopped and raised an eyebrow. “You have an inquiry. Ask it. Perhaps I’ll be inclined to answer.”
            “Aren’t you ever curious about them?” Eclipse asked. “Don’t you ever wonder what they would be like?”
            “It was just a vision from one of Kiare’s vassals, Eclipse,” Alyc replied. “These are just depictions of the Champions of Arrygn, the champions of our mistresses. The races have always waged war against one another, but none have come so far as threatening the goddesses themselves.” Alyc shook his head. “Forget the dream, raven. These people do not exist, nor will they ever.”
            “But what if they will someday?” Eclipse persisted. “According to the vision, someone will challenge the power of the goddesses. The champions will arise and we are to be by their side. We would aid them for as long as the evil lives. Wouldn’t you want to know who you would be tied to once the time comes?”
            Alyc patted Eclipse’s back while he released a heavy sigh. “I find that attachments only bring greater heartache, raven. We familiars are true immortals…we live as long as our mistresses demand. We cannot afford such emotions. We aren’t even allowed them.” Alyc began to walk away and stopped at the mouth of the antechamber. “Whatever urges you have, you’re better off sneaking off into Arrygn and bedding tavern whores. They’re a better substitute than a statue and you’ll never fall prey to attachment.”
            Alyc disappeared and Eclipse let off a string of curses in the language only he and his mistress, Avilyne, spoke.
            “Damned fox…you will see the error in your beliefs! I swear it on Avilyne herself, I will make you see.”

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