Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Author and cosplay goals, yay!

Greetings lovelies! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying 2016 so far (minus the loss of many wonderful artists, jeebus). The picture above is from my Albuquerque Comic Con escapades! Link made a return, but sadly Alucard did not (I did not go Sunday as I originally planned...there's always next year!). Nonetheless, it was a good time and I look forward to Sabaku Con in May. And yes, I will be going Saturday and Sunday for it; Yoko Kurama and Vampire Princess Miyu will be on deck for that event, yay! I just have to get started on them, heh. I've got other cosplays I'll be doing this year as well and believe me when I say I am relieved that my original idea of 6-7 new cosplays will NOT be happening. One day perhaps, but not this year.

Anyways! Onto the writing and authoress goals for 2016. Yes, I am still working in retail, but this year I will be focusing mainly on the marketing and advertising of my Artemis Ravenwing brand. You read that correctly: BRAND. It's time the world really got to know me and the series. I want my first book booth to be filled with lots of goodies and I want to have more giveaways! And I want my author Square Market to have more merch for you all too. I can't tell you everything I have in mind just yet, but I do want to tell you all that I do intend to have prints of my Artemis Ravenwing cosplay made and available to sell. I plan on doing that for some of my cosplays as well (proceeds would go to the book three publishing savings/other book booths), but the main focus would definitely be the Artemis Ravenwing photos. Exciting, right? ^_^

While that all goes on, I will also be focusing on reworking CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN. I already started doing so last week. I don't foresee it being published this year, sorry everyone. There's so much work that needs to go into the novel to make it "perfect" in my eyes. Right now, the current draft could really be described as a skeleton; I have to flesh it all out now. I CAN promise though that it will be a very large book; the "skeleton" is already huge as it is. So wish me luck and stay tuned for more book three news!

Now I'm sure as you all know, reviewing is not only a big part of an avid reader's life, but an author's life as well. I have a reading goal of 40 books this year and I intend to keep it. I had the idea of reading more indie authors' works this year and will review each one I read. As for the postage of the reviews, I will only post 4 and 5 star reviews on this blog and Amazon. I usually post my reviews on Goodreads before anywhere else. If a review ends up being 3 stars or less, it'll only go on Goodreads. If it was a review request and the rating is 1 or 2 stars, I would be happy to just send an e-mail to the author about my critique. As for the review blog post, I will post my rating and review along with extra notes. I also make sure there is a link to the author Facebook page. I think I will start adding Twitter handles too just to make sure the authors are viewed there too.

On a final note, I have something fun for you loyal followers of the Artemis Ravenwing novels:

Not enough of a teaser for you? What if I told you I would share with you the for sure done prologue of CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN? *cue the excited screams*

There IS a catch though. MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN is currently sitting at two Amazon customer reviews. If we can all pitch in and get TEN Amazon reviews for MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN, I will share the prologue of book three with you all! Can we do that? I think we can. If you have a Goodreads account, PRETTY PLEASE post your reviews on there too! I appreciate you all, I really do.

Now I'm off. Enjoy your day and happy reading, everyone! ^_^

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Five Seven Five - My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


"Because you've never seen these things before. You'll be able to describe them in a way I can't. As human beings we take things for granted so much because we're too used to seeing everything."

Imagine living in a world where you never see the sky, never smell the rain, never hear the thunder. Imagine living in an environment where "the Chosen ones" are the only souls allowed to leave the safe haven to grab supplies and food. Imagine living in a place where everything you know now, such as how you live your everyday life, is only a dangerous thought to a colony.

Meet White Frost - a girl who lives in the dark and is only comforted by the scraps of paper with words that feel like a puzzle to her. Her cousin and only source of genuine human connection, Shade, loses his life to the unknown of the "outside" world. His friend, Salt, continues to help White gain more pieces to the puzzle of the world she longs to understand and observe. When White finally gets past the zones her people created to protect them, she gets more than she bargained for...including the source of the words she later learns to be haikus.

Wilson creates an interesting world that makes a reader wonder what we all truly take for granted. The little things matter; perception being one of them. Overall, a wonderful read.

Extra Note:

If you want to follow C.E Wilson's adventures and support yet another wonderful indie author, then click here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Scroll: Keepers of Genesis II - My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


Light. Dark.

Sage Woods. Saffron Woods. Seventeen year old twin girls, two sides of a coin. In SEED, we learn about Sage being a "Wise One", but twists and turns within SCROLL reveal that not is all as it seems.

Book two is written in Saffron's POV, and the tone of the novel is far more dark than the first. But that is precisely why I love it. While Sage is the bookworm, Saffron is the common teen with the need to prove herself while enjoying the wild bits of life. Minus the often placed modern life references, I enjoyed Saffron's struggle between the dark pull to Finn and the intrigued light pull to Gabriel. And who could not enjoy the history and mythology placed within the series? Besides the dark tone, that is what is greatly enjoyable in this series to me. I look forward to book three.

If you would like to follow D.B. Nielsen's adventures, go here! Enjoy.