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Annah: Children of Evohe - My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My review:

Annah: Child of Evohe is a beautifully written sci-fi novel by Clay Gilbert. Split into two parts, you almost get an Avatar vibe while reading. Annah is an outcast with not only her nearly innocent mindset of how the world should work, but with her very appearance. I only say "nearly innocent" because Annah believes in the past and searches for the old ways to help reinvigorate her world. Some would call it wearing rose-colored glasses, but others would say it is a purity of mind.

Annah's life changes when she stumbles across a human in Evohe; Gary Holder. Once a part of Homesec, Holder's mind changes after spending time under Annah's care and meeting the others in Evohe. Humans were responsible for the first war against Evohe, so Holder's presence was not welcomed at first. It was worse when Annah told the others that Holder was her mate. Things escalated more when it was discovered that Annah is one of the "Shapers&q…

Time for the Lost - My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My review:

Time for the Lost is the third installment of Chess Desalls' The Call to Search Everywhen series. Here we are told the story not only through Calla's POV, but also Valcas'! And I loved it all. Throughout the series, we hear about the Lost and how they could never really be retrieved...until we discover that a little bit of healing goes a long way. The same could be said with life in general; sometimes with the help of others and their care for us, we can be found and be brought back to the light.

And as easily as the light can be attained, the darkness can also easily be created.

There is a place where the Lost gathers. The truth of how it came to be is just as jaw-dropping (but also an "AHA!" moment for those who have followed along since the first novel). For more, you'll just simply have to pick it up and read!

If you would like to follow Chess' adventures, go to the series' Facebook page here.

Hedge King in Winter - My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars My review: Honor, deception, the desire for power...what's not to love in a medieval tale? Hedge King in Winter is but a taste of what Dellert presents to us in this series. The king is crippled and is therefore seen as unfit to rule. Brigands and deceptive cousins sweep in only to discredit the king further. I wish it wasn't short, but I am glad to know that there are more tales coming. I also really enjoy the language and prose presented here; I feel as if I was in the time with the characters. Can't wait for the next one.
Only true criticism is that it felt too short for me. I was really glad knowing more is coming. If you would like to follow Michael's adventures, you could follow him here!


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