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Projects. Projects everywhere.

Hey everyone! I live! ^_^

It's been a crazy time lately. I went through a bit of a rough patch, escaped to nature for a little bit, stocked up on some games for the Nintendo nerd in me, picked up some new anime to watch, and now I have more writing projects! Can't tell you just what the newest writing project is about yet, but keep posted for updates. It's a fun little piece that I'm writing and I daresay it's a bit therapeutic as well. I think you'll all enjoy the tale once it's out.

But don't worry! I'm still working on the first round edits of CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN. There's so much work left to be done in that novel. I'm sorry that it won't be coming out within the year, but I promise you all that it is worth the wait.

In the meantime, CHILD OF BLACKWEN and MISTRESS OF BLACKWEN are sitting at $2.99 on the kindle. Book one has 21 Amazon reviews (ahhhh!!!) and book two has 4! Thank you to all who have reviewed. Once book two has ten Amaz…