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Five Seven Six by C.E. Wilson - My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My Review:

*I was given an ARC copy of FIVE SEVEN SIX in exchange for an honest review.*

We return to the world of White Frost and the "Boy with Words" also known as Kes. In FIVE SEVEN FIVE, we learned that White and her people were the "Forgotten Ones," those who were experimented on. The result? A difference in size. When White met Kes, a "normal-sized" human, her world flipped upside down. She learned about the outside world and its wonders that we all take for granted. Even something as simple as the color of the sky was something White desired to learn for herself.

But the happiness would not last forever.

FIVE SEVEN SIX starts some time after White unwillingly accepts Salt's demand of staying put in their sheltered colony. Her life only grew more miserable, more empty as she spent time away from the "Boy with Words." When she reunites with Kes, a chain of events starts that White never imagined would happen. …

May 3rd will be here soon! So many links for you to check out!

Spellbound, a YA paranormal novella collection, and Enchanted, a NA paranormal novella collection, will be available for pre-order on May 3rd! The release day is May 31st. The work of eleven authors will be yours soon enough! :)
I'm really excited for you all to have this. I can't wait to share FEATHERS AND FIREFLIES with you all. I have some teasers in my last blog entry for you. You can also check out my Facebook Author page as well as my Twitter on updates for them. Here is a blurb on my novella for you to enjoy:

If you want to see the other blurbs for Spellbound and Enchanted, you can check out BrixBaxter Publishing's website here! There are also links there for every involved author's work too. I wouldn't miss it, if I were you.
We also have some campaigns going on! We are ten supporters away from completing our Thunderclap goal. Please join and support us here.
And what would a release day be without a party? We have a Facebook Release Party all…

Spellbound & Enchanted Cover Reveals!

Cover reveals! Yay! I've been invited to join a group of fantastical authors to create specifically the YA paranormal novella collection. SPELLBOUND, as well as the NA paranormal novella collection, ENCHANTED, will be available for pre-sale May 3rd! Both will be released on May 31st. Are we excited? You better be! ;)

My tale in SPELLBOUND is called FEATHERS AND FIREFLIES. Here are some teasers that I posted on my Facebook author page (located on the sidebar of this blog, FYI!):

"I'd lend you the book to prove it, but I would rather not have any of your sarcastic ink scrawls in the margins."

"Follow the fireflies, child," she said, almost a whisper. "And take care to save the feathers you'll find along the way. They're rather special and are left only for you."

"After that drawing of yours, I thought about how similar you are to them. So vibrant on the outside, but quite cunning and snarky from within. If you don't like the nickname,…