Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Kiss That Saved Me by Kristy Nicolle - My Review

My rating: 5 stars

My review:

The mermaids are back!

THE KISS THAT SAVED ME picks up right where THE KISS THAT KILLED ME left off, starting off with a tone that already suggests that trouble is brewing in what is seemingly paradise to others. With newfound and heavy responsibilities saddled on both Orion and Callie, they find that they are handling it all in a different way...unhealthy, for starters.

Orion and Callie begin to struggle with their ideals concerning each other as well as life; Orion is from an old time where he is the protector of the family and his love and Callie is from the modern age where a woman is free to do as she wishes. When Orion and Callie are crowned King and Queen of their people, Orion clings to Callie so harshly that it would cause any modern woman to flee and rethink her situation (she IS eighteen, after all!). Dying twice, learning the truth about her mermaid heritage (including being Atargatis' vessel), suddenly becoming's all so much to take in so short a time. The pressure as well as the feeling of being caged from her love causes Callie to learn of the other side of being a mermaid...the darkness within that brings out the creature known as the psiren.

I've been looking forward to this second novel and Kristy Nicolle hasn't disappointed. The psiren, Azure, continues to be my favorite character. I find her storyline to be the most complex and relatable out of them all. The introduction of another psiren, Vex, quickly became another fun character to me (who doesn't love a sarcastic, overconfident male with a once in a while soft side?). I've said in a previous review that there aren't many mermaid fantasy tales out there and again, I recommend the series to those who love such stories. 

Extra Note:

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