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The booksy spirit fox.

Hello everyone! I hope the summer has been awesome for you all. It's been a very busy (and surprisingly hot) one for me. Spellbound has been doing well, we got another 5 star review yesterday! I'm glad people are enjoying it and meeting such fun authoresses. I have to get started on getting Feathers and Fireflies out there as a single novella too. I've been getting requests to write more about Rory and Lucas and I think that'll just have to happen! Stay tuned for more short stories concerning our favorite fiesty and sarcastic duo. In the meantime, the kindle version of Spellbound is permanently free. Snag it here and have some fun! The paperback version is available too.

I've been getting things rolling for my book booth in October too! For those who don't know, I will have my first booth at the upcoming Santa Fe Comic Con October 21-23rd. I wanted the first one to be local, hence the Santa Fe one. I'm a little nervous, but I think it'll be a great tim…