The Kiss That Changed Me - My Review

My Rating: 4 stars

My Review:

A lovely end to an intriguing trilogy!

Kristy Nicolle's final novel in the Tidal Kiss Trilogy expands into the other realms of the mer, whom both Callie and Orion both search for in order to stop the coming war from destroying the balance of their world. From the selkies to the water nymphs, we just get the all too familiar feeling that even though the cultures and beliefs vary, we are all part of the same world.

I enjoyed the growth Callie shows here in the final novel versus the 18 year old American who simply wanted to escape from the first novel. She grows into her own and becomes that ruler that she never believed she could be. Orion's growth is wonderful as well. Coming from the previous novel as someone who nearly strangled Callie with his love, we now see him as someone who has matured and accepted (well, understood would be the true word really, because Orion IS from the old world) that Callie could very well take care of herself. And Azure is still my favorite. She could easily have a series of her own. The inward struggle of self peace versus the darkness of the psiren she became ages ago...simply the best.

Truthfully, each visit to the various culture of mer could have been a novel in itself. I would have loved to see more go on in each realm (but for the sake of the story, I do understand why the pieces had to be the length they were). Also, I look forward to the upcoming story about Vex.

Extra Note:

If you would like to take part of the Tidal Kiss Trilogy, visit Kristy Nicolle's Amazon page! Happy reading!


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