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Back to the grind.

Hello all! How is everyone's Sunday going? I'm still on a post con depression bit, but I'm doing a lot better than when it first hit.

Even though I'm originally from the east coast, I had never been to a Comic Con or anime convention there. I always entertained the idea of cosplaying but was a closet nerd growing up. My love of video games and anime wasn't too much of a secret, but I rarely spoke of it openly to my peers (people close to me knew my high level of nerdom though). My stereotype (it's sad to admit that everyone in life had one, ugh) in high school was the quiet "White Girl" who was book smart, played volleyball, wrote vampire stories and that's about it. I AM a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, however, and I am glad to have been brave finally back in 2014 and started cosplaying. The picture here is one of my absolute favorites of me being Lucina. *_* My boyfriend made for an amazing Robin too.

That said, my overall…