Workin' on a schedule.

Hello all! Hope everyone's week is going well. I've been a little more productive on the reading front; I've already finished this month's YA Aces book and reviewed it. I have a TON of new books as well, including more of the Grimgar light novels. I "blame" the boyfriend; we're simply addicted to the story.

Nice thing is at least that I'm back to reading like a machine again. I missed last year's Goodreads Reading Challenge and despite my lowering it this year, I still intend to complete and surpass it.

I've returned to some gaming as well; I've gone back to Persona 5 as well as started an oldie but goodie, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. All of the Fire Emblem games that I can possibly get my hands on, I'm going to get. I love it as much as I love Legend of Zelda (and I am a HUGE Zelda nerd). Next on my list of acquisitions is Lyn's game (or Lyndis to some of you, I know there are some with the preference of calling her that). Path of Radiance is the one that'll take me forever; I don't want to spend THAT much on it...not unless there really is no other choice.

As you noticed, this blog entry is a bit late. I try to reserve Sundays for the blog writing, but I had a happy escape to Taos with Author Mama. Taos is a place where good juju can be found and harvested (I'm all about the energy vibes, which is also why I love Santa Fe). My mom showed me around the plaza, the gorge, and took me to a wonderful pizza place (I love pizza. I don't care what anyone says, New Yorkers have pizza in their DNA). We also got some nifty stuff, including this absolutely gorgeous garnet and white topaz pendant.

The best part though? I finally got to see this one little bookstore called Op-Cit. We have one here in Santa Fe, but I was told specifically about this one because it has a beautiful reading room upstairs. I admit to having a tearful moment;  I WILL have these someday. I spoke with the gentleman who worked there and got some good advice as well. Now we can only hope that my plans can achieve their fruition. And I really should go to the Op-Cit here in town...I haven't been since they moved locations a while back.

But first...I need to finish editing CHAMPIONS OF ARRYGN. I want to finish it this year. After the gym time today (yes, we started our gym goings, woo-hoo!), I'll get to it. Next week's retail schedule will be far from kind to me so I need to get a lot of work done this week to make up for it. Hopefully that will be the only "full-time" week I'll have for a long while...I have a career to work on. ^_^

Also, for anyone in the Santa Fe area, this question is for you: if you spot any Tiny Library locations, would you please reveal their wonderous locations to me? Last summer I spent some time donating my novels to a handful of them and I would like to do it again once the summer comes again. Please let me know if you spot any!

Off I go. Happy reading and adventuring, all!


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