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Child of Blackwen: An Artemis Ravenwing Novel Vol. 1

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"Child of Blackwen (An Artemis Ravenwing Novel Book 1) by Melanie Rodriguez is an epic young adult fantasy about the half human/half vampire Artemis of the fantasy world of Arrygn. Although Artemis is half human/half vampire, she was raised by her late mother's friends, an elf soldier and a witch. But Artemis isn't welcome in elven society and battles against the prejudice that stems from the elf community. While she struggles to curb her appetite for blood and fit in with the people she is raised with, Artemis learns a terrible secret. Her mother died at the hands of her own flesh and blood, her younger sister, Arlina. As Arlina strives to take over Artemis' mother's vacated throne, she views Artemis as the last credible threat. Unfortunately for Artemis, Arlina will stop at nothing to make sure Artemis is no longer a viable threat to her efforts to take over the kingdom.

This is a very complex novel with incredible world building skills and back story telling. There is so much going on with this story that readers are right alongside in the imaginary world that was created for them. Artemis is a wonderful character that readers will root for and feel like they have known for years. Her struggles are the readers' struggles and readers will appreciate how difficult her situation in life is. They will root for her to remain strong and grow throughout this story."

"This introduction to Artemis Ravenwing is enchanting - the author's imagery places you right there alongside her heroine with memorable, relatable, and endearing characters you feel like you've known for years." - A. Posey

"Child of Blackwen is a great twist on the vampiric genre. It is set in a fictional land that is most similar to the dark ages with a magical realm. The characters are relatable and the plot is engaging. The author has also created a strong female presence in the foundations of this universe that feels smart." - Kyle Burris

"Her engaging writing style is well paced and full of colorful, accessible characters." - Kay Kamala

"I would like to say a good friend referred me to this book, and I am so glad. This is a page turner can't wait to continue this adventure." - Theresa Jones

The epic fantasy novel Child of Blackwen is a coming-of-age adventure story about the young dhampir Artemis in the mystical world of Arrygn.

Born of a human and a vampire, Artemis was raised among the elves of Ellewynth by her mother’s friends Shadow, an elven soldier, and Talisa, a witch. An outcast in elven society, Artemis is protected by the Elders of the Woodland Realm because her mother, the vampire Tamina Ravenwing, once served them. As Artemis struggles to overcome prejudice, she must also learn to control her innate thirst for blood. Her efforts are made all the more difficult when Shadow and Talisa are called to serve in the eight-year-long war against the dragons.

Just after they return, Artemis begins dreaming her mother’s memories, only to discover that her guardians are plagued with the same dreams. This, along with the mysterious murders in the Woodland Realm, leads Artemis to learn the shocking truth about her mother’s death: the unsavory woman in the dreams is none other than Tamina’s younger sister, Arlina.
Artemis poses a threat to the madwoman Arlina, usurper of the throne of Blackwen City—and the vampire will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat.

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Mistress of Blackwen: An Artemis Ravenwing Novel Vol. 2

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"Artemis Ravenwing, the rightful heir to the throne of Blackwen City, struggles to accept her dhampir heritage as she plots to confront Arlina, who murdered her mother to usurp the title of Mistress of Blackwen. Artemis and her allies are heading to Westyron, a human-run city with a deep hatred of other races. The matter becomes complicated when her mother Tamina, who’s now in specter form, has a revenge-fueled agenda of her own.

At first I didn’t realize that Mistress of Blackwen (An Artemis Ravenwing Novel) by Melanie Rodriguez is the second installment of the series until the end of my reading. This might explain the way Rodriguez introduces the world building as the story progresses, as opposed to the usual detailed introduction in the beginning chapters. The same method of approach is used for the characters, where readers get to know them and their backgrounds as the plot unravels. This second book is solid enough as a standalone.

There are many main characters, and I think Rodriguez handles them sufficiently well to avoid overwhelming readers. The story is told from Artemis’ perspective and third person point of view. I’m a staunch fan of well developed, strong female leads and, lucky for me, Mistress of Blackwen has a number of them. Nevertheless, I found Jack the outcast elf fascinating and witty. His presence sometimes outweighs Artemis as a vital tie that binds his friends together. On the whole, I’m a new fan of this character-driven fantasy series and I hope that Book Three is well under way."

Artemis Ravenwing, a dhampir and rightful heir to the throne of Blackwen City, struggles to accept her dark heritage as she plots to confront Arlina--a blood relative who murdered Artemis' mother to usurp the title of Mistress of Blackwen.

Along with friends like Shadow, an elf and former soldier of Ellewynth, and Talisa, a witch and longtime vassal of the water goddess of Arrygn, Artemis heads to Westyron--a human-run city with a deep hatred of those outside of their own race. But lying in wait for Artemis' arrival is Arlina well as Gavin, the former human who fathered Artemis.

Lurking in the shadows behind it all is the specter of Tamina, Artemis' full-blood mother. Keenly aware of the connection she has to her old pair of dragon-jeweled sai, she has a revenge-fueled agenda of her own for the power struggle taking place. But who will prevail?

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COMING SOON - Champions of Arrygn: An Artemis Ravenwing Novel Vol. 3! 


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